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Doraemon, the History of Its Creation

A story that talks about Doraemon's journey through time, beginning from the past into the future. But Doraemon’s story actually is not a linear story but one that branches out. Long before Doraemon was ordered to the past, Sewashi (Nobita’s great great grandson) had been the heir of Nobita and Jaiko. However, when Doraemon came back as Nobita’s helper, his future had changed into the new story. Sewashi became his heir with Shizuka. But even though his destiny ha changed, everything about Sewashi was not disclosed. Would his face change or his intelligence improve or deteriorate? How would he be?


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In the 22nd century, there was a poor family from Nobita’s generation. The poverty of this family was due to Nobita’s unpaid debts which were left as dues for his generations. Because of their pitiable financial condition, the family could only afford a second class of robot at the auctions for robots. None would pour chase this robot for its inherent defects. By now you must have guessed this robot! Doraemon, Nobita’s helper and best friend. Thus Sewashi bought it at the auction. Sewashi thought that the only way to change his life and make his family better was possible by changing the destiny of Nobita. Changing Nobita’s future was a hope towards a better tomorrow. This might lead his generation to a new destiny.

Doraemon came in 1969 during Nobita’s era. Suddenly, he appeared from Nobita’s desk. Since then Doraemon lived with Nobita and became a part of his family. Doraemon had a difficult mission, to change Nobita’s life. Nobita was such a weak child. He was a lazy person and did not have any interest in doing exercise nor did he pout any effort to do something useful. Doraemon himself was not the best or the cleverest robot, as compared to others. That’s the reason why Doraemon sometimes made mistakes, such as forgetting to clean-up his equipment, or left in Nobita’s room (meanwhile, Nobita used it incorrectly) or bring too soft to Nobita.


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But, Doraemon always tried to help Nobita and turned into his best friend. If we observe keenly, it does seem that Doraemon could change Nobita’s life. After his arrival, Nobita’s destiny did change. Nobita’s wife was not Jaiko (Giant sister) anymore but Shizuka. His generation was not poor anymore, unlike the previous generations, and Sewashi could buy a qualified robot as his home servant. This robot was Dorami. Dorami, came to be known as Doraemon’s sister. The existence of Doraemon also had some negative effects in Nobita's life. Nobita became much depend on Doraemon. He depended on his equipments and used it incorrectly only for his pleasure. At times, a small problem turned into a bigger one because of Nobita.


How did Doraemon appear in the world? Why did Doraemon not have ears even he was a cat-robot? Why was Doraemon afraid of a mouse? Why was his color was blue?

Doraemon, was the cat-robot created on September 3rd in 2112. Mass-production led to many types of robots in the 22nd century at a factory, not far from Tokyo. During the process an accident occurred that led to the loads of a nut in Doraemon as compared to other cat-robots. It made him a second class of cat-robot. That is one reason why he was not a clever robot. Though he was not clever, Doraemon was sent to the Robot Academy to be trained as a servant. Those were hard times for Doraemon. He failed many tests but finally he could graduate from that academy. and turned into a helper for Sewashi


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One day, when Doraemon was sleeping, his ears were bitten by a mouse-robot. This accident made him sad and gloomy. He wept for almost 10 days. He wept much and his tears changed his color from a bright yellow to a discoloured  blue. Hence arrived the new Doraemon, without ears and all in blue.

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