Winter Gifts from the Sea of Japan: Fresh Local Seafood at Kanazawa

Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture is located along the Sea of Japan and is one of the major fishing grounds of Japan. Kanazawa has an abundance of fresh local seafood such as crabs, spot prawns, yellowtails, etc. especially in winter. This attracts foodies from far and wide, both national and international. More international tourists have visited this snowy city lately to get a fill their platter with fresh, raw seafood and leave with its lingering flavours.

Spot Prawn (Ama-ebi)


Savour a unique type of prawn found only in Kanazawa. Try this difficult to obtain sweet prawn with blue colored eggs and get an experience of a lifetime.

King of Winter, Sea of Japan – the Yellowtail


Yellowtails caught during winter have the highest fat content; they melt in your mouth with your first bite. Enjoy a variety of recipes prepared using this famous seasonal fish. You will find not only the simplest way of enjoying Yellowtails, the “sashimi”, but also “buri daikon” (shimmered Yellowtail fillet and daikon radish), “teriyaki yellowtail” and the popular “shabu-shabu”, etc. We recommend “shabu shabu” (Asian-style fondue), since Yellowtail meat tastes best and full of flavors after being dipped in broth.

A Pricey Fish - Nodoguro (Rosy Seabass)

Sashimi is the best way of trying this expensive white fish which tastes like “toro” (fatty tuna). Why? Because locally caught Nodoguro are served while they are as fresh as possible right here in Kanazawa. This “King of White fish” is also commonly grilled with salt or simmered with soy sauce to add to its rich flavours.

Locally Caught Snow Crabs, “Kano-gani”


“Kano-gani” (snow crabs locally caught in Ishikawa Prefecture) is fished only between November and March every year in order to prevent overfishing. Enjoy a locally prepared Kano-gani sashimi and redefine the taste of fresh fish you might have had. Grilled or boiled, sweet and tender crabmeat will enhance its flavours all the more, they are a must-try.

Kaiten Sushi (Conveyor Belt Sushi) at Kanazawa Maimon Sushi


Kanazawa is the most competitive city for Japan’s thriving Kaiten Sushi industry because innumberable Kaiten Sushi restaurants serve high-quality sushi. Kanazawa Maimon Sushi, ranks high on the list of restaurant serving sushi and is very popular with locals and tourists.



Considering the affordable price of Kaiten Sushi restaurants in general, you might imagine a compromising quality. However, the quality of sushi here will probably meet your expectation. The restaurant purchases locally caught fresh fish twice a day from a nearby fish market so fish can be served as fresh as possible at anytime of the day or night. Friendly sushi masters will welcome you with perfect pieces of sushi made of fresh and high-quality ingredients!

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Visit Kanazawa for a delicious gourmet tour and enjoy these winter delicacies!

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