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Must-try Foods in Toyohashi, Aichi

Toyohashi is a port city located in Aichi Prefecture on the south east of Nagoya. If you are looking for an entertaining city with many unique, but tasty foods you have found it with this place. It's is also the largest port for foreign trade of motor vehicles in Japan, being nearby the Japanese motor juggernauts Toyota and Mitsubishi. Because of wealth made from previous generations, the city has grown into a large, multi-cultural, paradise for travel and to live. Not only that, but if we talk about travel to Toyohashi, we have to talk about the food. It is home to one of Japan's most popular snacks: The Black Thunder Chocolate Bar. But there are also some other amazing things to eat, let's read more about them here!

Black Thunder Chocolate Bar

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This chocolate bar was first made in Toyohashi in 1994. It is fabulous, that's how people describe Black Thunder: the most well-known Yuraku Confectionary Company-made chocolate bar in Japan. It is a chocolate cookie bar mixed with rice puffs and coated with chocolate. They come in travel size and are as cheap as 50 yen ($0.50) so I highly recommend travellers buy some as souvenirs if you have a chance to visit Japan. You don't need to visit Toyohashi just for buying these chocolate bars, you can buy them from anywhere in Japan as well. If you go to Hokkaido, be sure to try the White-Black Thunder bar, which is only available there.

Ankake Spaghetti

It is a kind of spaghetti with a tomato based sauce but is different from normal spaghetti, they usually use thicker ones for this dish. The sauce is mixed with a lot of vegetables; and is boiled for many hours until it becomes thick. Some restaurants have many toppings that you can add, such as fried chicken breast, sausage, cheese, and many more. Maybe some of you will doubt about its taste, but I can assure that it is not bad at all. If you want to try it, I highly recommend you to visit “Spaghetti House Yokoi”. Please check this link for more information!

Toyohashi Curry Udon Noodles

Toyohashi curry udon. Photo by yoppy on Flickr

If you like Japanese curry, you have to try this dish then. Its specialty is it's two layers, udon noodles topped with Japanese curry sauce. The dish can get quite messy though, so I recommend you not eat it too fast. You can enjoy this dish for about 900 yen (around $9), and it will make you full enough.


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It is a rice ball filled with fried shrimp (tempura) and wrapped with nori (seaweed). Its name, tenmusu is from two words, "tempura” which means fried shrimp, and “musubi” which means rice ball in Japanese. You can make it by yourself as well. Just deep fry some shrimp, wrap some rice around the shrimp with your hands, wrap the balls with seaweed, then enjoy! This is great for parties or packing into your lunch.

Having lived in Toyohashi for quite some time now, I love their own specialty cuisine that differs with other prefectures in Japan. Although you can enjoy some of them as well at any other prefectures in Japan, it is better to taste it from the original one right? So, if you have a chance to visit Toyohashi in Japan, don't forget to try those unbelievably good dishes!

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