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Where to Buy Foreign/Imported/Western Foods in Sapporo

If you miss snacks and food items from home, we have compiled a list of a few places in central Sapporo where you can get your fix. In this list you will not only find places that sell popular Western items, but also common essentials from India, South-Korea and China. Although some of these chains may have shops all over Japan, we will focus only on the shops that are located in or very near the city center of Sapporo.



Mainly a grocery shop for imported items you will be able to find many other things from both the western and the eastern parts of the world. Snacks, candy, food items, coffee beans as well as alcohol are some of the most popular items sold at Jupiter. The Sapporo Station branch, located in the basement of the Esta building, also has a huge wine and frozen foods selection.

A smaller Jupiter shop is located inside Odori Station, near exit 27. This particular shop seems to have more sales and discount items than the bigger Sapporo Station branch, although the selection is more limited.

Another bigger shop, located a bit from the city center (but still close) is the branch in the Maruyama Class shopping mall at Maruyama station. Located a few subway stops with the Tozai Line from Odori Park station, this branch is best on snacks, candies and cooking oils.

1. Sapporo Station, Basement floor of ESTA.
2. Odori Station, near exit 27
3. Maruyama Station, Maruyama Class Shopping Mall

Kaldi Coffee Farm


Kaldi Coffee Farm is a popular coffee bean and imported goods chain in Japan, but only recently opened its first shop in central Sapporo. Located inside Sapporo Station, in the APIA mall shopping street, the shop is hard to miss.

Similar to Jupiter, Kaldi offers many different snacks from the west, as well as food items from South Korea and Thailand. The shop in Sapporo Station is fairly small, but has still managed to offer a good selection of familiar items. Prices range around the same as Jupiter’s, although products and selection does differ. Because Kaldi Coffee Farm has coffee beans as their speciality, free coffee and taste testers are always served upon entering.


Sapporo Station, APIA mall

Don Quijote

Don Quijote. Photo by Antonio Tajuelo on Flickr

Don Quijote is a chain that does not disappoint. Popular for selling many different items such as clothes, electronics and cosmetics, its food selection is also impressive. They are located in the shop’s second floor, and what makes Don Quijote a good choice for shopping for foreign food items, is that their prices are lower than other import shops (as well as regular supermarkets).

Foreign delicacy selections include alcohol, snacks, candies, noodles and some foods from, amongst other nations, South Korea and China. Don Quijote offers tax-free shopping over ¥5000, and you can even have your items delivered to the airport if you are a traveling shopper. The most convenient aspect of Don Quijote shops all over Japan is that they are open 24 hours a day.

The Sapporo branch of Don Quijote is located on the Tanukikoji shopping street in downtown Susukino. This is a short walk, or right next to Tanukikoji Station, making it hard to miss.

3–6 Minami nijo nishi (in Tanukikoji, a 3 minute walk from Tanukikoji Station)



Located inside Sapporo Station, inside the Stellar Place mall in the basement floor B1F, Plaza looks like a gadget and cosmetics store from the outside, but upon entering you will notice its huge variety of western snacks and candies. Plaza also has a big selection of western cosmetics, as well as smart life gadgets that have been trending online.

Come here mostly for satisfying your fix for snacks and candy (and some health food items), as their selection seems to be even more different than both Kaldi Coffee Farm and Jupiter. Many of their snacks and candies come in gift packs, so this is also an excellent option for when you want to buy them as presents.

Sapporo Station, Stellar Place B1F

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