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Vibe Bar Wild One (Warning: contains sexually explicit images and content; NSFW)

I’m sure a few of you read the title to this article, and are either raising your eyebrows or re-reading it. You read it right the first time. Vibe bar. As in, vibrators. Japan is the land of the rising sun, but it’s also land of the strange, as you’re about to find out. Step through the entrance of Shibuya’s infamous vibrator bar with me.

A Vibrator Bar?

Correct. A bar celebrating sex aids. Isn’t that something? The concept is actually pretty awesome; it’s a cosy bar aimed at women and couples (groups of men and lone men are not permitted), celebrating sexuality and showing you what’s new in the world of sex toys.

Vibe Bar Wild One is home to over 300 Japanese and international brands, you are literally swimming in sex toys! Staff are knowledgeable about the products, though some do speak limited English so please bear this in mind when asking complex questions about the “features” of each toy. You can of course pick up and handle everything in the bar (except the other patrons and staff), but wear the gloves provided and please don’t “try before you buy”. Oh, and that’s another thing; you can buy any of the products demonstrated in the bar, so if one seems like a perfect fit, you can request a brand new one to take home.

How Does it Work?

There’s a cover charge to enter, which is 3,000 yen and includes two drinks and 90 minutes. I’d advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment, as it’s very popular but sadly limited on space. As previously mentioned, you can touch any product in there as long as you wear gloves. There’s also lube on hand if you want to try any of the flavours (the peach tasted just like peach, and honestly I wouldn’t mind it on ice cream), and the drinks menu can be found at each table. The cover charge is paid on entry, take your shoes off and put them in the bag provided, and the host will seat you. You don’t have to remain at your table, you can go up to the bar but they do ask you don’t disturb or photograph any of the other patrons.


The drinks menu is extensive. Choose from beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails. I recommend the latter. I tried both the strawberry cocktail (that came topped with frozen fruit, very refreshing) and the mint chocolate chip cocktail (which was my favourite). You can opt for non-alcoholic drinks too.


This might be a weird subject, but bear with me. The toilets are the strangest I’ve seen anywhere. They are two options; western and squat. Go see both. The western toilet has two curved penises as a seat, a naked and provocatively posed lady atop, and another hidden phallus if you care to look. The toilet roll holder is a couple “enjoying themselves”, and the door handle is a vagina. The squat toilet makes all this look tame. the toilet forms the body of a koi fish, which is performing a rather questionable act upon a man with a rather large appendage. If you can pull your eyes from this, you’ll see a tiny geisha embracing a not so tiny penis, and a couple of turtles doing what animals do. I’d read up on the bar before I visited but nothing could prepare me for the toilets. Very memorable.

The Products.

As far as the actual products go, you’ll see a whole lot of vibrators, dildos, love eggs, and certain things you probably never thought you’d see (strap ons and fisting dildos). The selection is daunting but fascinating, don’t be afraid to take a closer look at some of the more colorful varieties (such as the creepy one I’ve affectionately dubbed Darth Dildo, and an actual rainbow colored one). There’s also a variety of sizes, so they really do cater for all tastes.

The Bar.

The bar itself is decorated from head to toe in genitalia. You enter through a vagina, there are vagina seats, penis statues, penis lighting, and Shunga on the walls (Shunga is an ancient form of Japanese art that is very sexually explicit). It’s dark and cosy, with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s ridiculously fun to visit, I went with female friends but I’m sure it’s just as great with a significant other. The rules on male to female ratio are good from a comfort point of view, though I do feel they exclude LGBTQ men, who will have to find female companions to go with if they hope to experience it.

Shunga art


It’s certainly a unique experience. Nestled in Shibuya’s heart and only a short walk from the Hachiko statue, it’s a must see if you’re in the area.

Intrigued? Check the website for more information (in English and Japanese), and find it with the map below:

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