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Tokyo SkyTree: Faster, Higher, Stronger

It never stops to amaze me how small we, humans, are in retrospect to all the world around us. Yet we try to go further where we have not been and see more what we have not seen. We climb mountains, fly airplanes and build tall buildings. Yes, one may say it’s all about time and shortage of living space. But honestly tell me: aren’t you enjoying all the fantastic view all those means of convenience? Haven’t you ever dive with your eyes in softness of clouds outside the plane window? Higher and higher we aspire to be.

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So it is not a surprise that such a modern and still new city as Tokyo would have the world’s second tallest building – the Tokyo SkyTree. There is already well-known red-lit Tokyo Tower, of course. But this new tower is in a different location – Sumida ward. So unlike Tokyo Tower one will not be distracted by vibrant Roppongi with all its hustles and bustles. This is also one of the reasons locals might give for not yet climbing the SkyTree: “There is nothing interesting around.” We all know that the same locals never climb the Tokyo Tower, as Parisians are not be seen at the Eiffel Tower.

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I was just the same. Until the right time arrived. And here I am at the Tokyo SkyTree station figuring out how to get inside the 634 meter world’s tallest tower. I must confess I am quite a slacker when it comes to planning things in advance. There is an option to purchase tickets in advance from the web-site or even from your local Seven-Eleven’s copier, but I never did. So we just walked in on a day and got two tickets: the Fast SkyTree Ticket and Tembo Galleria Ticket. Fast SkyTree is around ¥800 more expensive, but in my opinion is a must with all the endless waiting lines.

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This was my biggest surprise how many people that building could host at once. We waited for the elevator that was fully packed and 350th floor in just a few minutes. It must’ve been the fastest ride up to the top I ever had! Another elevator with lots of visitors from all over the world – and we are at the 450th floor. Simply breathtaking. And despite of my absent planning skills we made it right for the sunset. I have never seen Mt Fuji and the Tokyo Tower together in a fire colours together. I have never seen so many people stuck in one spot to see those two at once. Lots of shutter closing sounds, flashes, smartphone button’s sounds and big smile on my face.

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The trip down was more time-consuming, and there are no fast passes to use. A separate line for the glass-floor if you are brave enough. I wasn’t so, so we headed to the SkyTree Café for coffee and sugar. The staff was extremely nice and offered us to sit by the window as soon as the seats were available. Overall the staff in the tower is friendly and they all spoke English.

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Depending on one’s taste and preferences this may or may not be the good place to hop on the holiday. But it definitely shows that possibilities are limitless. We are [just] humans.

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