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4 Things to Explore Near Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo. It is located at the central location surrounded by various interesting attractions. This area is recommended as a one-day trip in Tokyo city. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to Tokyo Tower and three other interesting spots nearby. For those who are interested in going to Tokyo Tower, this will guide you to a few hidden, exciting sites to see when you go visiting there.

1. Tokyo Tower


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Tokyo Tower is by itself, a tall symbol of Tokyo. The height of Tokyo Tower is 332.6 meters making it the second tallest self-supported tower in Japan. Inside Tokyo Tower, you can visit the main observatory (150m) and special observatory (250m) to see the beautiful view of Tokyo. From here, you will be able to see Tokyo Skytree, and if you are lucky, depending on the weather, you might even see Mount Fuji!

Admission Fee and Business Hours:

Fees: ¥900 (Main Observatory)

¥1600 (Main Observatory + Special Observatory)

Hours: 9:00-23:00 (Last admission 22:30)

Closed: No closing days

Official Website

2. Zojōji Temple

Zojōji temple is a Buddhist temple of Jōdo-shū Buddhism. It was built in 1393 and moved to the current location in 1598. It takes only 7-minute walk from Tokyo Tower. In addition to praying for the Buddha, you can feel various beautiful historic buildings.

The first highlight is Sangedatsu Gate or nicknamed San-mon. This large wooden two-story gate was built in 1622 and survived through the World War II. Currently, it serves as a symbol to remind of the early days of the Edo period.


The second highlight is the main hall of the temple called Daiden. When you stand in front of this hall, you will see this building as a foreground and Tokyo Tower as a background. A very unique landscape of this place makes it the most famous spot for taking photos.


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The last highlight is a monkey show that takes place inside the temple area, just right in front of the main hall. This side event is usually performed on weekends. So families who go to visit around there can enjoy the moments. The adults can learn about the history of the temple and the kids can enjoy the show too!


Admission Fee and Business Hours:

Fees: Free

Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

Closed: No closing days

Official Website

3. Niwatori Pota Ramen THANK Restaurant


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After visiting so many places during the day, you might already get tired and hungry. So now I will guide you to a great restaurant in this area named “Niwatori Pota Ramen THANK”. It is located near Zojōji Temple about 7-minutes by foot.

This restaurant offers you a wide variety of ramen with a thick-taste soup. As the name of this restaurant uses the word “Niwatori” which means chicken, the main ingredient is absolutely the chicken. There is a great deal going on there, especially as a group, because they have three styles of ramen so that each person can order the dish based on his/her preference.

Three styles of ramen are:

  • Soup-based ramen
  • Tsukemen (Ramen with soup separated for dipping)
  • Tantanmen (Ramen with spicy sauce and minced chicken as topping)

On top of that, the atmosphere inside this restaurant is very nice. The decoration was made in a stylish way with warm tone making the customers feel like they are eating at home. I’m sure that both the food and atmosphere of this restaurant will make you happy throughout the day.

Store Information:

Price range: Up to ¥1000 per person

Hours: 11:30 - 15:00 and 18:00 - 22:00 (Weekdays)

11:30 - 15:00 (Saturday)

Closed: Sunday

Official Website

4. Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Garden


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In the Tokyo Tower area, you can also feel a big hug from mother nature at Kyu-Shiba-rikyu garden. It is one of the gardens listed by Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association. This park is located at the center of the city close to Hamamatsu-cho station. There are various species of trees around the garden and a large central pond. You can enjoy a variety of flowers and trees in different seasons ranging from cherry blossoms to lavenders. While you are walking around, there are many spots that you can sit back and rest. I would say that it is the best place to relax among the chaos of the city outside the garden at the end of the day.

Admission Fee and Business Hours:

Fees: ¥150

Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Last admission 16:30)

Closed: December 29 to January 1

Official Website

Recommended Route

From the four spots around Tokyo Tower mentioned above, I’d like to give you a recommended route. Following this route could save you time and energy for a one-day trip.

  • Start your day at Tokyo Tower. The sky in the morning is clear. So it’s the best time of the day to get a chance to see Mount Fuji!
  • Take a 7-minute walk (500m) to Zojōji Temple and feel a peaceful atmosphere of history!
  • Need something for lunch? Head to the next spot at Niwatori Pota Ramen THANK! restaurant It takes 7 minutes by foot (600m).
  • Walk to Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Garden, sit back, and relax at the end of your day.

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