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Tokyo Skytree - A Commanding Presence

Having previously worked at Kansai area, and being able to experience working at Kanto area has provided a different experience all together. One of the enjoyable things in my current workplace is the beautiful view that comes with it.

Just around the corner of our workplace is none other than the Tokyo Skytree that was opened last May 2012. The tower boasts a height of 634m, making it the world’s highest stand-alone communication tower.

Here is a view of the Tokyo Skytree from my office window.


How do I even begin to describe Tokyo Skytree?

In my opinion, it commands presence, and what really makes the structure breathtaking is the fact that the design incorporates traditional Japanese designs found in temples. The tower reflects how Japan has progressed, yet, is able to be in-touch with their history.

Tokyo Skytree is an experience, and though I would frequent the area, I would need to confess that I have never tried going to the observatory area. I think my fear of heights has somewhat been a major factor on why I haven’t tried it. Not to mention the usual long lines that you would need to endure. Well, I have always believed that long lines are somewhat indicative of what lies at the end. Long lines at restaurants would mean good food, thus long line at the observatory would definitely mean a view that would take your breath away. I would surely try it once I have mustered enough courage to touch the sky. And once that day comes, I would surely try to go there in the morning and at night, as I know both would evoke a different sense of happiness and freedom.

More than just the observatory

Though hands down the main attraction is really the observatory, but this place has more to offer and more to be experienced. At the base of the tower is a shopping mall, the Tokyo Solamachi. Its a one stop shop, a haven for tourist as you could shop for different souvenirs, like Hello Kitty merchandise, Tokyo Skytree merchandise, anime merchandise and an assortment of other shops and restaurants.

As a recommendation, you should never miss out dropping by UniQlo. It is a go to place to buy not only your everyday wardrobe but a place to buy presents as well. Comparing with the prices of UniQlo from my country, the prices here in Japan is way cheaper. I would almost buy all of my presents here when going home.

Fuelled by ramen

My personal favorite area of the mall would most definitely be the mall’s food hall. Sorry for the advertisement but I would always go to one of my favorite ramen place, Ippudo. Ippudo is equal to comfort food. I would always recommend Ippudo to all my friends visiting Japan. It is almost a sin to visit Japan and not eat ramen, and if it’s good ramen you’re looking for, then trying out Ippudo is something that must be included in your itinerary.



Transportation rules!

Being a major sight-seeing destination, there are a lot of subway lines that stop at Oshiage station where Tokyo Skytree is situated. This makes going to other destination a walk in the park. In the case of going to Asakusa, well, you can make it literally a walk in the park. But let’s talk about that some other time.

Tokyo Skytree never fails to amaze me

Looking at it always eases the stress away. Be it just strolling and window shopping, eating or just looking at the beauty of the tower itself. Tokyo Skytree has truly made a name for itself and a must see for anyone dropping by the Kanto area.


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