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Tokyo Marathon: The Biggest Running Event

A lot of people may say that running is now a worldwide trend. And might not be that wrong after all. It is true that there are plenty of running teams, specialized running clothes, running apps, running music playlists, running city paths and the list goes on.

But if you ask to the runners, you might realize, most of us does not do it just because is a trend. Why do we run then? Running is a life style and if you have been running for a while, I am sure you might have tried it all and you are already in that group of people who can not go back and you can not stop. Running is just part of you, as breakfast is.

Some of the many benefits of running:

  • Mental health. Runners are happy people and I am not kidding.
  • Weight control
  • Higher and better quality sleep
  • Helps to release anxiety.
  • Makes your heart more efficient.
  • Strengthens your lungs
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Increases bone density, joint strength and stability
  • Helps to increase confidence. You will feel more in control of your body and life.

Running in Tokyo


Tokyo is a big metropolis full of modern high buildings and skyscrapers but also, full of green areas all around, so running is not an impossible mission as some may think. No matter how cold it gets in winter or how hot and rainy it gets in summer, more I go out running, more I find out how much Japanese people enjoys running and practicing all kind of sports.



Tokyo Marathon: The Big Event


The first 42 kilometers and 195 meters race held in Tokyo was in February 2007 and since then it has been growing in number of runners and in publicity. Nowadays, it is so famous that many runners who sign up are not able to run because the number of runners exceeds so a lottery is needed.

Next Sunday 28th of February, 36.500 runners from 36 countries and over 10.000 volunteers will gather together to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Tokyo Marathon.

Are you planning to be in Tokyo this Sunday 28th? If your answer is yes, I would recommend you to put your clock alarm a bit earlier than usual (for a Sunday) and go out to the streets to cheer the thousands runners while running all over Tokyo.

The marathon will start, as usual, a few minutes after 9:00am from Shinjuku area, in front of the Metropolitan Government Building and will go all along the streets of Tokyo.

Because I am sure most of you is already planning to join and cheer, please find some useful information about the course:

Starts at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

  • 5 Kilometers: Iidabashi
  • 10 Kilometers: Imperial Palace & Hibiya
  • 15 kilometers: Shinagawa
  • 25 kilometers: Tokyo Station
  • 30 Kilometers: Asakusa
  • 35 kilometers: Ginza
  • 40 Kilometers: Toyosu
  • Finish line: Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Marathon Expo

This expo is the largest running trade-show in Japan and the good news is that anyone can be part of it. You do not need to run the marathon to join so if you are interested, you can visit and try out the newest running gears. It will be available from 11:00am on February 25th until 7:30pm on February 27th.

Other Reason to Love Tokyo Marathon

Many runners will dressed up in hilarious and crazy outfits. Do not be surprised if you see runners as a Disney princess, as a super hero, as a famous Japanese cosplay or even in a tuxedo.




For more information, please visit the official website in English:

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