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The Oga Peninsula, a Tourist Spot by the Sea

The Oga peninsula is about an hour's drive from Akita city, also accessible by JR Oga line train and tourist buses from Akita city. Here is a peninsula full of nature surrounded by mountains and the Japan Sea. "Namahage," a popular culture of the region can be enjoyed every year on December 31st. Moreover there are many especial outdoor destinations, such as beaches and trekking trails that will leave you refreshed.

The Nyudozaki Lighthouse. Photo credit: yy via Flickr.

Nyudo Cape (入道埼) is the most famous scenic spot along the Oga Peninsula, with a beautiful sunset view. A black-and-white striped lighthouse is the symbol of this cape. Enjoy cruising around the sea overlooking the sea-bottom, or let your taste-buds explore the seafood of the Oga Peninsula.

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Oga Aquarium GAO is popular with families and couples. Exhibitions of a giant sandfish and the marine life thriving in Akita Prefecture, are some of the characteristics. Polar bears, penguins and the California sea lion are also popular.

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Enjoy trekking, paragliding and golfing on the gentle slopes of Mt. Kampu. Located atop the mountain is a rotating observatory (360 degrees for every 7 minutes) from where, not only the Oga peninsula, but also the Shirakami-Sanchi world heritage site are visible on a fair weather day.

Namahage statues welcoming you to Oga. Photo credit: Iwao via Flickr

'Namahage', the term has become synonymous to the Oga peninsula. A number of sites relate to the term 'Namahage', example, the Namahage museum or Shinzan shrine. An annual event is celebrated here that gives tourists an opportunity to wear the traditional 'Namahage' costumes and drive away all evils by visiting the local houses.

The Oga peninsula is famous for hot springs. It is a spa town loved by both tourists and local people for its onsens, comfortable ryokans and places of dining serving delicious seafood or local Akita cuisine.

Oga peninsula invites you to enjoy both, the nature and culture of Akita Prefecture. Though located on the outskirts of the urban city of Akita, yet it offers many events and facilities.

Spend your vacations at the Oga Peninsula and have a whale of a time!

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