“TABIMORI-TRAVEL AMULET” Becomes More Convenient with Enhanced Functions!

“TABIMORI-TRAVEL AMULET” Becomes More Convenient with Enhanced Functions!

The app “TABIMORI” supported by Narita Airport offers visitors to Japan more convenience and comfort with wider functions.

Catering to all the needs that foreigners visiting Japan require or would require during their stay, Narita Airport Co., Ltd released “TABIMORI” app in July, 2014. This has received high recognition among within the user community and it is now upgrading to be even more substantial.


Following are the additional functions.

1. A Journey planner that can be used offline

As foreigners tend to be restricted on communication facilities, this offline function will make the transition search easier. It is equipped with GPS system that enable the users to search the nearest station from the current place.
“Journey planner” searches for the time required, number of transfers and fares by just typing stations of destination and departures either in Japanese or English. By connecting to the internet, it is synchronized with the timetable and shows the most time-efficient route.
*Note that you need to download station data to use the offline search function.

2. Enriching information of life and culture

【Food】Some menus which are especially popular among foreign customers will be added with tempting photos. It reduces hassles that the first timers usually have while ordering a meal at a restaurant, without knowing how to eat it.
It explains in detail how to use not only trains, but also buses and taxies in Japan.
Enjoy Japan with this newly enhanced “TABIMORI”.

Application Outline - FREE of charge!
 Name: TABIMORI-Travel Amulet
Available in: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Supported by: iPhone/iPad(iOS 6.0~)、Android(Android 4.0~)
Updated on: January 21st, 2015
 Total numbers of downloads: 50,000 (achieved within 5 months)
Website: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/fun/app/tabimori/index.html