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Strolling Through Numazu

For those wishing to see Mount Fuji in all its glorious majesty and wonder, there are many towns surrounding it and one town, Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture, is host to a scenic view of Fuji everyday. Numazu is a great getaway spot and it is also a pleasant fishing town with a bustling harbor and you can find many delicious sushi restaurants with meals that are rare to find anywhere else. The town loves it’s maritime location and you can see it in the streets from the fish markets to the museums and aquariums.

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Numazu’s main attraction is its proximity to Mt. Fuji. It is only about 70 km (43 miles) from Mt. Fuji. Since it is only a few stations away, many Fuji climbers choose to stay in hotels here before they make their way to the top. And why not? Every morning when they eat breakfast, they can glimpse the volcano they are about to trek from their window, making it capable to capture a memorable photo to take home. One of the best places to view Mt. Fuji is from the Numazu Port Water Gate. It is actually a wall that blocks out tsunamis and offers a panoramic view of the mountain. The best way to get to Mount Fuji from Numazu is to take the train from Numazu station to Gotemba station. A bus taking visitors to the Subashiri 5th Station at the beginning of the climb is available.

Numazu’s fish markets offer a wide variety of seafood and shopping not only from Shizuoka but also as far as Hokkaido; all of it fresh. The streets near Numazu station are filled with sushi restaurants and fish markets you can spend the day encircling. Visitors can see the glorious variety in the Numazu fish market every morning and since it is not as big as Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, there are fewer crowds and products do not sell out so quickly. The high-tech building is designed to prevent any type of dust, insect, or pollutant from entering making sure the catches of the day are clean and edible. Enter the market and easily find a new marine dish you may have never eaten before. You can try some popular Japanese snacks like dried squid, seafood ingredients like wakame or konbu, or Hokkaido-style smoked salmon.

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They have all of the popular sushi available like sea urchin row, tuna, salmon, and cod among others but like most sushi restaurants, the bluefin tuna is the most popular seafood on the market. Restaurants all over Numazu have delicious bluefin tuna dishes on their menus using every edible part of the fish including tuna cheek on rice, which actually has a consistency similar to beef. You can even find a whole bluefin tuna head for sale to take home and eat.

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Numazu’s museums are also wonderful places to pass the time. Recently, the Numazu Coelacanth Museum has become more popular due to its hosting of the ancient fish the coelacanth, which is said to be important in understanding the evolution of species.

After getting an education from the museum, you can witness a spectacular performance by sea lions and dolphins at the Izu Mito Sea Paradise. This aquarium is home to lots of odd and interesting sea creatures visitors can view and has lots of fun entertainment for people of any age to enjoy. For only 700 yen, they even offer a boat cruise around Mito Bay.

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Numazu is a delightful harbor town with lots to offer. Whether you come to stay near Mount Fuji, or want to see one of Japan’s beautiful seaside towns, Numazu can treat you to both of those easily. The best time to come would be spring or summer.

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