Special coverage on “Kume Island (Kumejima)” one of the outlying islands of Okinawa, only 30-minute flight away from Naha, Okinawa!

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Okinawa has as many as 113 outlying islands. Let us highlight those you should visit, and let us introduce you one of them – Kume Island, which is only a 30-minute flight away from Naha Airport.

Convenient Access!

They have relatively few Japanese tourists in this island, and you can enjoy the island blessed with great nature where you can see colorful tropical fish that dwelling on the coral reef in the sea in striking emerald green. Recently there are direct flights from Tokyo to Kume Island available.

“Hate no Hama” one of the Tourist Attractions in Kume Island


When you talk about tourist attractions offered by Kume Island, “Hate no Hama” should be on top of the list. This island is consists only of three sandy beaches, and it takes about 30 to 40 minutes by boat from Kume KIsland. The sea surrounding this island is clearer, and it is a perfect destination for snorkeling.

“Ifu (Eef) Beach”, one of the best 100 beaches in Japan

Ifu Beach at Kume Island is a beautiful beach filled with white sands, and is selected as one of the best 100 beaches in Japan. In addition, they have a wide variety of marine sports and beach leisure activities available at this beach, so if you are seeking an area for water activity, this is it!

Enjoy the beautiful sunset in Kume Island at “Ara Beach”

At Ara Beach, which is far removed from the center of the Island, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. This is a beach rarely visited by tourists, and a well-kept secret among the locals.

“Uegusuku Castle Ruins”, the castle located at the highest altitude in Okinawa

This is a castle ruin located at the highest area in Kume Island. This is a scenic spot where you can enjoy the great view including Hate no Hama.

We have introduced you the areas of our recommendation where you can enjoy the nature offered by Kume Island.
You can immerse yourself in the scenery with nature that is a bit different from Okinawa’s main island.

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