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Milky Way Cafe

I’m a big fan of ice creams and desserts so I want to introduce you to an ice cream café that I went recently in the middle of the busy town Ikebukuro called Milky Way. The café is located about 4minutes walk from JR Ikebukuro station (East Exit), near Disney Store. Just find Lotteria Burger and it is located on the 2nd floor of the building opposite of it.


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The café operates from 11am to 10pm every day. The café is usually full on weekends especially at noon. So I recommend you to go a bit later in the evening or go on weekdays. At the entrance, they have a display of best seller ice creams, foods and drinks and you can make your choice then. The display definitely makes you excited to go in.


The café serves variety choices of ice cream flavors and original smoothies. But not just that, they also serves sandwiches, omelet, hamburgers, and also rice. What makes this café interesting is, the concept. The concept for this café is Star and the basic interior color is blue and white. So when you step into the café, it really feels like you’re in the outer space. Moreover, the foods are served in star-shaped plates, even the smoothie glass is star-shaped! It will definitely make you see stars!


The parfaits are named after the 13 zodiacs, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Scorpio and others. Don’t remember your own zodiac? Don’t worry they already made a note for you in the menu. You can order the recommended ice cream based on your zodiac or just pick any delicious looking parfait! Me and my friends did have a hard time choosing the parfaits. The price range for the parfaits are from 800\ and the original smoothies are from 500\. We ordered mango smoothie, Sagittarius parfait and Libra parfait. The parfaits are so cute! Also, the biscuits in the parfait are star shaped! The soft cream tastes so silky, the fruits are well-combined, the color and the plating are very eye-catching. It is definitely worth it. I’m sure people who likes cute things will really love this. It is definitely the best thing to eat during summer. When we went to this café it’s already dark outside and a little cold but that didn’t stop us from having ice cream.



Photo: tschundler on Flickr

From the café we can enjoy the sight of people walking by, crossing the streets below from the big window glass. Just take your time scooping the ice cream and enjoy the little bits of life. A nice place to hang out with your friends or go on a date. When you check out, the cashier will ask you whether you want to make a point card or not. If you collect 30 points in the card, you can get a free parfait! Just sign up, it’s free!

Visit the official website of MILKY WAY café, here.

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