It's time for Fuji Shibazakura Festival, 2015

Ever imagined a pink floral carpet spreading out in front of you as far as your eyes can see!!

Well, when the cherry blossom season is almost over, it is time to enjoy Moss Phlox or Shibazakura in full bloom.  Still wondering where??


“The Shibazakura Festival, 2015” will be held from April 18th near Lake Motosu on the northern slopes of Mount Fuji.

It is the 8th Anniversary Celebration this year. Around 800,000 shibazakura, the largest scale in the metropolitan area, will welcome you to a stunning and beautiful scenery you may have never seen before. The five-petaled moss phlox in pink, white and deep mauve make a picturesque scenery with snow-capped Mt.Fuji, a World Heritage Site in the background. Definitely a treat for your eyes.


This year, a new observation deck is set up to allow visitors to capture stunning shots of Mt. Fuji to the right with the pink flower carpet painting a picture worth a watch.


There is more.....

At the venue, tempting aroma of local dishes will guide you to the diverse Japanese cuisine.  While flowers bring joy to your your soul, the “Mount Fuji Delicious Festival” will gratify your body. Local restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes that are special from the surrounding prefectures.


Here are some of the dishes “Fujinomiya Fried Noodles” and “Koshu Tripe Stew”; well-known B-rated gourmet referring to delicious and inexpensive dishes. Popular traditional dishes such as “Yoshida Udon Noodles”, “Special Miso Soup with Pork” and so on. Mouth watering ??


Pack a weekend trip to experience it for yourself.


More Information:
When : From April 18th to May 31th
What time : Opening Hours from 8:00 to 17:00
Free or Fee : Adults ( Junior High School Students and Above ) 520¥ ; Children ( 3 and above) 210¥

How to get there : Shuttle buses operating between Kawaguchiko station and the venue.

For more details, please dial 0555-89-3031.

For more information, please visit

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