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Fukuoka Tower – The Symbol of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is a city that incorporates both the modern sophisticated era as well as the oriental richness of Japan. Festivities and nature play a big part in the beauty of Fukuoka, but at the same time, the dynamic city life adds a dash of glamour to it. One such modern landmark in the city is the Fukuoka Tower. The Fukuoka Tower is a seaside tower along the Hakata Bay and boasts to be the tallest seaside tower in Japan standing at a height of 234m. The exterior is covered with 8000 half mirrored panels and that makes it stand out amongst the skyline of Fukuoka city.


Fun fact: Fukuoka Tower was supposedly ‘destroyed’ in the 1994 film Godzilla vs. Space-Godzilla where Godzilla pushes over the tower. Well, we should not expect anything else from Godzilla. He loves causing carnage after all!

Fukuoka Tower has been built on land reclaimed from the sea, which makes it a little bit vulnerable to earthquakes. But the architects state that it can withstand tremors up to 7 on the Richter scale, as it has a foundation weighing 25,000 tons! Fukuoka Tower has three observation decks, which you reach to using high-speed elevators: one at 116m, a café lounge deck at 120m and the highest at 123 meters above the ground. The view from the observatory deck at the top is simply breathtaking. You can look out over to see the magnificent sea, and various islands speckled over the blue picturesque ocean. And on the other side, witness the city in its tranquil and calm.

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The floor below the observatory deck houses a café area where you can munch on snacks and coffee or enjoy a cool glass of beer, relishing the view of the city from top. The tower also houses a Lover’s Sanctuary, which is a hotspot for couples and lovers from in and around the city. The tower sells locks, which can be designed with romantic messages or quotes and then, can be locked onto the tower framework. So, a shout out to all the romantics out there; pack up your bags with your better half, and lock in your love forever!


During nighttime, the tower lights up with illuminations and that is a feast to the eyes. The illuminations have a certain theme too, for instance, cherry blossoms in spring, the Milky way in summer, full moon in Autumn, and so on. During Christmas time, the tower lights up with the Christmas tree on it, and lends a merry holiday feel to the whole city. The first floor also houses many shops and stalls for various Fukuoka Tower merchandises, catering to the need of all Omiyage fanatics!

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Other pass times include, an afterward stroll on the beach along the tower, or through the surrounding district of Momochihama. The Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome is nearby to the Fukuoka Tower and, you might also catch a game at the home stadium of the Softbank Hawks! There is also an attraction for Robotics freaks right nearby the Fukuoka Tower. Robosquare is a minute away from the main entry of the towers and houses a collection of small to medium sized robots and other equipment. I was lucky enough to witness a fight competition between miniature robots at Robosquare, and yes, that gets pretty heated up!

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If you get a chance to visit the city of Fukuoka, be sure not to miss this pleasant delight!

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Access: To get to Fukuoka Tower from Hakata or Tenjin Station, a bus ride takes 20-25 minutes, to the bus stop Fukuoka Tower Minami Guchi. Through the subway, proceed on the Kuko Subway Line to Nishijin Station and then it’s a 20-minute walk to the tower from Exit 1.

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