Fantastic Foliage at Murō Temple

This fall season when you see the exotic nature of Japan, be sure to check out Murō Temple in Murō Village, Nara prefecture with an ancient temple that carries its town’s namesake and lots of excellent foliage all around it. People come to Murō Temple for the historical and religious significance of it, but during fall season, under the dense forests of Nara, there is a magnificent array of color that anyone can feel proud they walked through.


Japan’s temples are lush, green, and great to walk through and Murō is a Buddhist temple that has lots to see and do but unlike temples in the big cities, Murō is deep within the countryside of Nara prefecture surrounded by trees and vegetation and very little urbanization. Walk across the bridge and plants and nature fill the entrance with very tall five-storied pagodas nearby. Be sure to turn around and check out the great foliage in the town in front of Muro. Because the temple gets very few foreign tourists, there will be no English guides only English guidebooks explaining it.


Fall is a great time to visit Murō because of all of the different colored leaves. Now with all of the foliage around the temple, the changing leaves express a huge display of yellow, red, and brown. During the fall season, the orange leaves above the temple will feel like an early sunset. Walk across Murō's rock pathway and you will get a taste of Nara’s beauty and personality as you see with your eyes what Japan’s countryside has to offer. As you walk up the temple, you will see the different foliage and a spectacular view of the town from below.


While you are gazing at the foliage, be sure to get a good luck charm from the temple’s clerks. You can see what fortune you have in store for you.

The last part of Murō is the long staircase. For those who have lots of energy to spare, the climb up can bring you to the top of the temple to see the magnificent golden shrine and to have a priest sign the temple’s seal on a piece of paper for you. From here you can get a panoramic view of the luscious foliage.


Murō Temple also has a unique and reputable history. It was said to be built at the end of the 8th Century as a healing place by Buddhist monk Kenkei to pray for the ailing Crown Prince. It was also one of the first Buddhist temples that allowed women to worship there so was frequented by female worshipers. Today it is one of Nara’s most visited temples, bringing lots of tourism to the area.


This autumn, the foliage of Nara is bright and zesty filled with lots of picturesque nature and Murō Temple is a great spot to view it. It is quiet, peaceful, and will give a feast for your eyes. Not many foreigners know about Murō, so here is the chance to see the foliage from a place few tourists have been to.


Murō Temple is accessible by train. Get off from the Kintetsu Station Murō-guchi Ono, and then take a bus. It is just 3 minutes from the bus stop.

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