Exploring “Cat Island”: Tashirojima in Miyagi Prefecture

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Tashirojima is a small island part of Ishinomaki City in Miyagi prefecture. Its coastline is only 11.5 km long and the population is about 100 people. Recently, it has become known as "Cat Island" or "Manga Island".

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When sericulture (silk worm culture) was flourishing on the island, people brought cats to get rid of silkworms' natural enemy, mice. Since then, the cat population on the island has been growing and is not actually larger than the human population.


The island is designated as part of the Minami-Sanriku Kinkazan Quasi-National Park.


The Kinkasan sea is considered one of world top three fishing places, so it is a golden mine of seafood.
Fishing is an important industry, and the island is famous for its delicious scallops, oysters, and abalones.


It takes only an hour and a half to go around the entire island on foot, so walking or cycling is a perfect way to enjoy the island.


Near Nitoda Port you can find a small “pocket beach”. The sea is calm so you can even enjoy snorkeling.

Tashirojima is also know as Manga Island due to a manga theme resort consisting of several cat shaped buildings. The resort features artwork by famous Japanese manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.

Although this island is quite remote and doesn't have many tourist facilities, it is a paradise for cat lovers! No wonder that visitors come from around the world to meet the island's little inhabitants.

Website: http://www.city.ishinomaki.lg.jp/cont/10452000b/-kanko/-kankomap/d0120/20130225104052.html

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