Cherry blossoms in front of Hirosaki Castle

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Hirosaki Park in Aomori Prefecture

The Hirosaki area was the site of the Hirosaki Castle owned by the lord of the Hirosaki clan. Even today, a moat, rock walls and some parts of the castle still remain.

Seasonal festivals take place at the Hirosaki Park, so it can be enjoyed in all seasons.

In spring, the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most famous places for cherry blossom viewing in Japan. At night, the trees are lit up.

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Photographers gather to shoot the beautiful moat covered by cherry tree petals, which is called "cherry blossom carpet."

Photo by Shinya ICHINOHE on flickr

In summer, nature takes back its rights in the park. The contrast between the green vegetation and the traditional red bridge is striking. Summer is the best season for visitors to enjoy walking and jogging in the park.

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In autumn, the Autumn-Leaf Viewing Festival takes place at the Hirosaki Park. Thanks to its numerous maple trees that change colors in fall, the whole park turns red.

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Photo by t-mizo on flickr

In winter, the Snow Lantern Festival attracts many visitors. After the sunset, snow-made lanterns and small huts called “Kamakura” are lighted up, and the whole park is brightly illuminated. This creates a totally surreal scene.


Hirosaki Park is also home to facilities such as the Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden and the City Museum, which are very popular.

Hirosaki Museum exterior
Hirosaki Museum. Photo by Yuichi Shiraishi on Flickr.

The people of Hirosaki visit the park not only during festivals, but also on regular days for walking and jogging, and to enjoy the kids playground. Also not to be missed, the Tsugaru-han Neputa village and Fujita Memorial Garden are interesting sightseeing spots near the park.

Enjoy Hirosaki Park in all seasons!

Hirosaki Tourism Bureau Website

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