Photo:contri from Yonezawa-Shi, Yamagata, Japan

Enjoy One of the Three Fastest Rivers in Japan! Enjoy the Mogami River Basho Line Boat Ride!

The Mogami River, which runs from the north to the south of Yamagata Prefectural Nature Park, is one of the three fastest rivers in Japan.
Let us introduce you the attraction offered by the boat descent tour which you can enjoy on the Mogami River.

The boat ride with shanty and stories by the boatman.



The boat ride is operated on the regular Basho Line route, with boatman, who tells stories of the nature offered by the Mogami River and sings shanties, lets you feel the flow of relaxing time.

You can enjoy the meals inside the boat



You can have meals inside the boat, and you need to make a reservation at least three days in advance. The meals while getting in touch with the seasonal nature offered by the Mogami River is splendid.

Getting in touch with the nature with unique features from one season to another.

The Mogami River is surrounded by mountainous area. In the autumn when the trees change their color, you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful autumn leaves. You can experience the exceptional time feeling the seasons of Japan with your senses with the breeze from the nature from boat ride.

You can enjoy the ride with Kotatsu boat in the winter.



In the winter time, the boat is furnished with Kotatsu, the Japanese heating table, and you can enjoy the boat ride with the view of snow-covered landscape whilst in the gentle warmth of Kotatsu.
In addition, “Imoni”, the local specialty of Yamagata is added to the meal menu, which offers you the tastes of Yamagata.

It’s only in winter that you can enjoy the scenery of the Mogami River surrounded by snow-covered serene landscape.

The 60-minute relaxing tour down the 12km (7.4mi) of Mogami River, which Basho had written his famous haiku on - this is one of those tourist attractions that you definitely do not want to miss if you have a chance to visit Yamagata!

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