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Eating Out in Okinawa: All You Can Eat & Cook & Eat

Unless going for a self-catering option when going on holiday we will eat out every single night, okay let me be honest here - we eat out every night whether it’s a hotel or a self-catering unit. And if you’re coming to Okinawa for a holiday you will be doing just that as there are so many different and delicious options to go for. I could write a book on all the great places to eat out at over here but let’s keep it simple for now, I have chosen 4 hot spots you just have to try when you come to the one and only Okinawa.

1. Barbecue House An An



Located in Hamby Town, it used to be a place I always wondered about as I drove past there fairly often, it was on the ‘to eat list’ for quite some time and I still kick myself for not trying it out a lot sooner than I did. This is a very comfortable and vibey Korean style restaurant with the grills in the middle of the table, choose from a pretty good selection of meat and cook it yourself. We always go for the rib, short rib, pork loin and the chicken is an absolute must – it is so tasty that you will without a doubt order a second batch. There are private rooms for bigger bookings and I do recommend making a booking as this place is always busy and open until 5 AM. You are looking at about ¥5000 for 2 people eating a good amount of food and having a good few beers or Japanese whiskey, you will notice that soft drinks cost about the same as beer in most restaurants here. You will also notice that we drink a lot of beer over here.

Phone Number: 098 983 7566






2. Poco o Poco



Another little gem of a place and at just ¥3300 per person you can eat and drink as much as you like for 3 hours and trust me the selection is just amazing. They also have private rooms for bigger bookings and they have cozy little areas for 2 looking at the sea, the lighting and set up in these little rooms are very romantic. The whole setting of this place is really awesome and has a very modern feel to it. Back to the food – the pork fried rice and chicken wings are the winners for me on this menu, I don’t like fried food as I am pretty healthy but these babies are done so well that you don’t get that fried feeling from them at all. The pork, steak and taco sticks are also to die for and are also cooked really well, this place is my fiancés absolute favorite on the Island and this says a lot because he is actually my very own master chef at home. As for the drinks the selection is also really good, don’t expect your cocktails in a fancy glass but do expect them to taste great, the beers are of course also really good too. I am sure most won’t believe the healthy talk from me above with all the beer talk above and below.  

Phone Number: 098-989-8980




3. Bian Relax Dining

This place has an awesome statue of a police man standing outside reminding you not to drink and drive so catch a taxi or get a Daico if you have rented a car, it’s the right thing to do. So as I was saying, relax dining as in relax your wallet for 2 hours between 6 pm and 8 pm as drinks are all ¥39 and again a great selection to choose from here. I don’t know about you but when I go on holiday I love to eat and drink (beer) and deals like these really go a long way when you want to stretch your budget. Even though that is an awesome deal the best thing about this place is the food, yakitori at its best.  Yakitori is a Japanese style of skewered chicken but this place serves all kinds of grilled foods on a stick. My favorite options are the quail eggs wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, pork and of course you have to order the big bowl of pork fried rice. That with a few drinks and our bill is always around ¥4000. They have small private room’s available, regular seating in the middle of the restaurant as well as tables for 2 by the window with a pretty awesome view as Bian is up on a hill. Like all the other places I have mentioned, there are English menus available and all are open in the evening only so be sure to call and make a booking to be on the safe side. In case you were wondering, I don’t eat only meat, Bian has some tasty sushi too, you are in Japan after all so you have to eat sushi you know.

Phone Number: 098-932-7300



Sunset Beach BBQ

This one is a bit more of a splurge but man oh man it is worth every penny as the setting is pure magic. My fiancé and I find ourselves at Sunset Beach on many a Sunday afternoon for a cool sundowner (beer), if we don’t go the staff notice and ask us where we have been and I just love that. A very cool and vibey little beach bar that produces a magic experience, wooden chairs and tables for small or very large groups and pretty much right on the beach where the sunsets are very well known. Just before sunset, large groups of people appear to watch a breathtaking sunset and grab some beautiful pictures, I suggest doing the BBQ 2 hours before sunset so you can really experience it. You are looking at ¥4000 per person to eat and drink as much as you like for 2 hours, they will bring you a salad and meat and you sit and watch the sea while you cook and eat and be merry. You can order beers, selected cocktails and they pop a bottle of wine in an ice bucket for you too. The food is great but the vibe, setting and atmosphere is just spectacular. I say the best way to do this is arrive a few hours before your booking and set up on the beach, swim and enjoy a beach day and then head up for your BBQ, this is something to do in your swimsuits for sure. Reading this over, I have really come to realize that we eat out a lot over here and in realizing that I know that living in Okinawa is like being on holiday all the time so in that case it’s all good. Cheers!  

Phone: 098-936-8273


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