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Collecting Moments While Sightseeing

Do you like routines? In my case, I am definitely not a person who enjoys daily routines. I feel much comfortable doing different things at different times quite often. So, changing activities and exploring new areas, restaurants, shops are things that I love doing.

Collecting moments

Going out willing to find out new topics might lead you to meet interesting and diverse people and amazing hidden treasures. So even if you have been living in the same town for a long time, do not give up. There are always unexplored spots out there.

Collecting moments 2

As part of a celebration, my husband and I wanted to organize a memorable activity. We did not know where to start but we were opened to everything. Our budget? Well, was not that big but with creativity, we were confident that we could achieve our goal which was making a memorable moment in Tokyo that would last for even longer.

I have always liked pictures, but to be honest, I am not really good taking them, and I am certainly not good in front of the camera either. However, after navigating the web and doing a little research we found exactly what we wanted. And believe it or not, it was related to pictures.

Collecting moments 4

Have you ever done a photo session with a professional before? Well, if you are married, I am sure you have done it. Are you single? Probably your parents organized one for your sweet 16 or your graduation or even for a family portrait or special festivity.

If you have not done it before, it might be time to try it. Why not? Let me tell you all about our fun and different experience in front of a professional photographer and her camera.

We met Lin, our young, fun and easy-going photographer who after just a few minutes had the ability to understand our confused requests.

Collecting moments 5

We were not exactly sure what we wanted or how we wanted, but that was not a problem for Lin who helped us to make the best decisions. It was so smooth and effortless that we did not even realized until the photo session was almost ending.

She chose the area. In our case: Asakusa. We wanted a traditional colorful setting. She suggested meeting early in the morning to avoid too many people around. And she also sent us some suggestions about clothing. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is always the key to success.

If your visit to Tokyo is a trip you do once in a lifetime or if you are sharing it with someone special, this could be a great way of remembering it forever. Moreover, spending time with someone who is currently living in Tokyo is always a great advantage.

Collecting moments 6

If you are already living here, well then, we are in the same page. For a moment we did not realized that we were collecting memories while we were just being us, having fun and sightseen in our own city.

The perk: you might find yourself enjoying the photo shoot like a professional model. And do not be surprised if you are already thinking in your next modeling experience.

My recommendation: follow your photographer's ideas and suggestions. They usually know best.

If you are already planning your own photo session, please feel free to contact Lin via Facebook or through her website.  I am sure she will be happy to assist you and help you to collect and frame your own memories.

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