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Kagawa in a Day

Welcome to Kagawa Prefecture, the Land of Delicious Udon!

If you think you have had the best Udon noodles before, you are about to be mistaken. Although it is the smallest prefecture, do not be fooled, as there are many adventures to be undertaken on this quiet little island, and believe it or not you can do so much in just ONE DAY!

Kagawa prefecture is located on Shikoku Island, just roughly three hours away by bus from Osaka. The biggest city is Takamatsu and is filled with PLENTY of things for you to do. You can start with the train station itself!

station panorama (1)


West of Takamatsu station, is the city’s harbor, which is known as Sunport. The breathtaking view of the sea is sure to calm down all your worries.

sunport view (2)

The long stretch leading to The Red Light House is almost always filled with people jogging and taking long walks, especially at sunset where you’ll be greeted with a spectacular view of the orange skies. If you are lucky enough to be there on a weekend, you will be surely be attending an event, that is frequently organised. The Takamatsu Symbol Tower houses coffee shops and Japanese cuisine for you to finish off the evening. The icing on the cake is the souvenir shop for all that you want to buy.


Kagawa prefecture is mainly famous for two things, Udon and Olives. Both of which you can experience on a ferry ride to Shodoshima, also known as ‘Olive Island’.


Easily accessible for only 690 yen via a ferry north of Takamatsu station. On the ferry, you can enjoy delicious udon noodles, too. Trust Me! It indeed is VERY different from any other udon noodles you have ever tried in Japan. At Shodoshima do explore the Olive park and find various Olive-based products, from face creams to sweets!

Hop on the Kankakei Cable car avail the first-hand experience of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan. Especially during Autumn, the trees will greet you with their lovely red and orange leaves. Before I forget, if you are a fan of Tsuboi Sakae, this is your chance to visit the “Twenty-Four Eyes” movie set that was based on his novel!

Ritsurin Garden

If you Google Kagawa prefecture, a picture of a beautiful garden with a lake and bridge across it would surely pop-up. Why? Because that is a picture of the iconic Ritsurin Garden, one of Japan’s most beautiful gardens. A trip to Kagawa would not be complete without experiencing it.

ritsurin autumn(4)

It is easily accessible by the Kagawa Kotohira-Kotoden line, and is only 10 minutes away from Takamatsu station. The Ritsurin garden is unique in the sense that whichever season it is, the view will always be different yet mesmerizing. Either Sakuras in spring, or Momiji in autumn, you will feel like you are walking in a completely different place every time are there. Museums, tea houses, and even a boat ride around the garden will help you to completely experience the serenity of a Japanese garden. If you are craving for more of Kagawa’s delicious udon, you can get a bowl at one of the many small restaurants located in the garden.

So, you’ve tasted Kagawa’s famous Udon, took a ferry ride to Shodoshima for some lovely Olive sight-seeing, and you’ve visited the beautiful Ritsurin garden, all in one day! I can safely assure u that you have done all that is there to do, for a 1-Day trip. Now you can confidently check Kagawa prefecture off your travel list, and move on to the next prefecture! Enjoy traveling!

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