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Amazing Beaches Near Tokyo

Summer is just around the corner and of course, the best place to go during this season would be the beach! Even if geographically speaking, Tokyo itself is all big city with no beach to swim in, you should not feel down for there are some that are just within your reach if you are coming from the capital city. Now let us check out some amazing beaches you can visit so you can plan your summer trip ahead!

Kamakura Beach, Kanagawa (鎌倉海岸)

Kamakura Beach is probably the closest and the most popular beach among the locals. Not only it is very accessible, it also has three coasts which can cater a huge number of visitors. From Shibuya, it takes less than an hour to go to Kamakura Beach. This beach has been in-operation for almost 120 years now, and some locals tend to visit the places every year like a ritual. However, this beach follows a color-coding flag rule. It is important to be very familiar with it to avoid accidentally running into someone for this beach tends to be very crowded.

Flag rules are as follow: Blue flag is of open swimming; yellow flag is for swimming with caution; and red flag is for non-swimming areas. Just knowing these flag rules will surely make your swimming experience in Kamakura safe and fun!

Kamakura Beach will be open starting July 1 until August 31 and its operating hours are from 9:00am until 5:00pm. The parking lot tends to be very crowded, so the local government encourages visitors to come via public transportation.

Zushi Beach, Kanagawa (逗子海岸)

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Another popular beach that is just an hour and fifteen minutes away from Shibuya would be Zushi. It is very popular for you get to see Mt. Fuji in this beach while enjoying the sea and sun. The waves in this beach is not strong at all but the wind is strong which is why it is very important to be cautious with your summer hats. Be sure to bring hats with neck strings so you will not have to run after your hat if the wind blows strong.

Moriya Beach, Chiba (守屋海岸)

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Unlike the first two beaches mentioned, Moriya beach is a little far. From Tokyo station, it takes approximately two hours to go to it. However, Moriya offers a lot of activities; so if you are an active person, visiting it is definitely not a waste of time.

The most popular activity in Moriya beach would definitely be surfing! That is made possible because Moriya beach is literally facing the Pacific Ocean! If you are interested in surfing, you may visit Surfing in Japan’s official website. There are also tons of amazing restaurants and bars within the area, so for sure your trip to Moriya will definitely be fun-filled!

Ishihama Beach, Ibaraki (石浜海岸)

Last but not the least would be Ishihama beach. This beach has been chosen as one of the top 100 best beaches in Japan; as well as one of the 100 most beautiful white sand and pine beaches in Japan. This might be the farthest among the beaches mentioned in this article, but knowing that it is a title holder; that gives you a guarantee that it surely will provide you the best scenic view!

Ishihama beach will be open from July 16 to August 14 and it can be accessed 10 minutes by bus from Ibaraki’s Juo Station on the JR Joban line.

So with all these amazing beaches, start planning your summer now and enjoy Japan under the sun!

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