Ain Soph Journey: Tokyo Vegan Tales (Part 1)

Looking for a way to eat healthier? Then look no further than Ain Soph Journey. Located in downtown Shinjuku a glimpse of the inviting ambience makes this place unique.


Having experimented with veganism before moving to Japan, I was rather crestfallen to hear that Japan wasn't very vegan friendly. For months on end, I ended up having to cook my own meals in fear of eating something I didn't want to. Luckily, that all changed when I found this fine establishment.


A glimpse of some of the inviting ambiance that makes this place unique.

From the minute you walk in, you're greeted with a warm ambiance and even warmer staff members. There was a foreign man who took us to our seats and made sure we were ready for the culinary experience. This place is English friendly, so don't worry if you're Japanese isn't up to snuff.


Taking a look at the menu is something to behold. They had an array of dishes. From fresh salads to vegan paella, the choices were numerous. The drink menu showcases dozens of different mixed drinks and craft beers (all vegan, of course) if you're looking to add a little excitement to your evening.


One of the best dishes we ordered was the "chicken" that they had on the menu, which was lightly fried to a flaky perfection. If you're new to vegan meat, then it might be somewhat of a surprise to you. Generally, the meat is prepared with a tofu or tempeh base with an added flavoring to A closeup of the vegan paella with black olives, bell pepper slices, and baby corn.


A closeup of the vegan paella with black olives, bell pepper slices, and baby corn.


After ordering our entrees, we moved onto dessert, which was just as great as the meal. Still hungry, my friend and I decided to order the waffle and ice cream. For about ¥1,000, you can imbibe on this vegan delight as the dessert is complete with dairy-free ice cream and chopped pecans. Add a side of hot organic coffee or tea to end a magnificent meal.

There are a few different Ain Soph locations throughout Tokyo. Focusing on fresh and healthy food, the group aims to present a different style of cuisine, showcasing the power of vegan cooking.

Overall, this restaurant is a gem in the heart of Tokyo. Rated highly on HappyCow and other sites that review vegan restaurants, Ain Soph Journey is one you don't want to miss. Enjoy fresh ingredients, and sugary delights with no         consequences. It's well worth it!

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