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A Pikachu Outbreak at Minato Mirai, Yokohama!

The techie and gaming world has gone agog with the latest app that could make even the most dedicated couch potatoes leave their abodes and go out for a walk in search of Pokemons, short for Pocket Monsters. In countries where Pokemon Go has already been launched, it's almost a common sight to see people, friends and strangers alike, huddled over a common place where a Pokemon has been sighted. Non-gamers sometimes find themselves "in the center of attraction” as phones seem to be directed their way but that it just so happens a Pokemon is sitting/standing right beside them. There is a place in Yokohama however wherein you don't need to go look for the Pokemons as Pikachu, the most popular of them pocket monsters, is practically everywhere!

Pikachu Hassei-Chu or "An Outbreak of Pikachu" debuted back in 2014 to celebrate the launch of a new Pokemon movie that year. It has since been an annual event every summer, in which the Minato Mirai District in Yokohama transforms into a Pokemon County where literally uber cute Pikachu is on outbreak.
Held from August 7 to August 14 for this year 2016, not only will you be seeing posters and balloons of irresistibly-cute Pikachu around Minato Mirai’s Sakuragicho Station, the Landmark Tower and Queens Square, but you'll be seeing hordes of Pikachus as well, walking around decked in summer clothes and other what nots.


This is the Landmark Tower’s Activity Center early in the morning . . .


. . . where later on in the day, Pikachu will be giving performances!



The Queens Square decked in yellow, er, Pikachu posters where mini-stores selling Pikachu goodies are lined.


The Landmark Tower’s 4th floor is home to Yokohama’s Pokemon Gaming Center. Staff decided however to bring down some machines to the ground floor for easier access where kids on their school holiday can play.


There’s fun activities for non-gamer kids too!



The Yokohama Minato Mirai District can either be accessed via Sakuragicho Station JR line or Minato Mira Station Minato Mirai Line. Be Pikachu-d even right at the Station Platform!


At Sakuragicho JR Station

At Minato Mirai Station exit.

Gotta catch them Pikachus till August 14!

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