A Few Artsy Places in Tokyo

The hustle bustle city has many unique places and architecture inside the city, why don’t you try to visit those places? All the places are easy to find, and you can find it on your map. It is very recommended for half-day trip, and you will get different perspectives from this busy city.

Baisoin Temple

3_Baisoin Temple

It is next to exit 1b of Gaien Mae St, and you will see the bamboo along the entrance of the temple. Since it's just a small temple behind the buildings in Aoyama area and just a few people come to pray there, I just took a picture of the entrance and did not enter the temple. Some of you might it is like the usual temple, but in this temple, they use the modern architecture. The short visit gave me a relaxed the atmosphere for a while.

Website (in Japanese)http://baisouin.or.jp/

Pineapple House - SunnyHills

4_Pineapple house

I have found the pineapple house in the middle of buildings and houses around Omotesando area. The house itself with the main purpose sell pineapple cake but with a good ambiance for the visitors with amazing architecture, the shaped of the house like the pattern of pineapple. Inside the house, they provide free tea and pineapple cake as a sample in 2nd floor; you will amazed by the architecture of the house. Originally this pineapple cake is from Taiwan, and it is said famous in Taiwan. Moreover, if you want to buy the pineapple cake for souvenir (Omiyage in Japanese), they also sell two types: 5 pieces for 1500 yen or 10 pieces for 3000 yen. It is recommended for the people who like architecture or pineapple cake!

Website (in Japanese)https://www.sunnyhills.com.tw/store/ja-jp/

Kaze Hana

1_Kaze no Hana

The cafe with the plants everywhere even if you don't know this cafe before and just passing by this store, you wouldn't realize this place is a small café. The exterior with green plants and small entrance door, inside the cafe they use mix decorations between plants and aquarium. That’s why in the center behind the aquarium it is written under water space in Tokyo. The cafe has lunch set 1000 yen for three choices and the wide range of drinks or desserts. If you don't feel hungry there, is the cake set that is you can choose the drink you like to order and pay more 400 for the cake (It's cheaper than a la carte). The decoration of the cake was very nice, they created the tree with the powder of sugar in the plate. The atmosphere of the cafe is cozy.

Website (in English and Japanese) : http://www.kaza-hana.jp/result/p0021.htm

Les Grands Arbres

2_Les Grands Arbres

This place is the collaboration with the flower shop called Fleur Universelle. The unique design of the architecture because it covers with large tree, and you can see small tree house from outside. The first floor is the flower shop with many varieties of beautiful flower. Second floor is the entrance to the small tree house, and the table for the flower arrangement workshop, and on the third floor is the small cafe served healthy food. I went there to lunch, and the price for lunch sets are very reasonable. Since the café is small, and it is always full on lunchtime, it is better to come early.

Website https://www.uni-green.co.jp/en/

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