A Coupon App for Chinese Travelers

The popular coupon app for Chinese travelers has been upgraded!

A leading coupon app for Chinese tourists, launched in February 2015, has been upgraded with added features.

The latest version of the app offers coupons from wide range of merchants such as electronics retail stores, drug stores and restaurants, which are mainly located in the Metropolitan area, the Kansai area and Okinawa. The service is available both in traditional and simplified Chinese characters. With nearly 750 shops and about 100 coupons currently available, the areas will be expanded, and more retailers and items will be added in the near future.

New features of Version 2.0

●New category for places of interest and shopping information in Japan
The new feature provides articles about Japan’s latest trends and related products. The GPS tracking system gives users automatic notifications when deals are nearby and show the nearest location where they can purchase.

●Find the latest deals for popular items at each store.
The app allows users to get detailed product descriptions about popular items sold at each store.

●Push notifications
Just by entering the arrival time and destination where they are traveling,  users receive coupons for the best deals and related information nearby.






・Supported OS:iOS、Android OS
・Language:Chinese(both in traditional and simplified characters)
・Main features
①Coupons :Download coupons from electronics retail stores, drug stores and restaurants.
(※Coupons downloaded can be redeemed under off-line condition )
②GPS tracking system:Search the nearest store and deals
③Search on the map :Search a store or coupons on the map
④Find deals :Search a coupon by store name, tax-free shop and product category
⑤Browse information about stores and items :Get detailed information about stores and products
⑥Travel information :The latest travel information according to the area and season

・Download URL
【Simplified Chinese】『日本买吃玩优惠』
Android version:

【Traditional Chinese】『日本吃買玩優惠』
iOS version:
Android version:

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