Writer: SueannK

Always curious about different cultures and countries, Sue-Ann likes to wander around the globe a bit. After having worked in communications in Belgium and China, she moved to the US and ended up in Japan 4 years ago for her husband's work. Her Japanese adventure started on a look-and-see visit where, completely ignorant of what Japan was all about, she rented a bike for the day to explore the neighborhood. At a local construction site at the road, she got off the bike, after which a construction worker out of nowhere walked up to her, smiled, bowed and lifted her bike up to put it on the other side of the pavement. He then apologized and bowed again. Amazed with this act of kindness, just then and there, an enormous curiosity began to unfold as to understand more about the country and its people. In her free time, Sue-Ann loves to enjoy good food and explore Tokyo, and write about her experiences.

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