Writer: Shantae Stewart

I am a proud Jamaican. I have been living and working as an English Teacher in Japan. I spent my first year in Japan in the beautiful prefecture of Iwate, then moved to Aichi.

When i'm not teaching I am writing and exploring as much as possible. I like to travel and I love cooking. I also enjoy all that nature has to offer,especially the feel of sunlight on my skin and the smell of the ocean.

Currently chasing the dream and writing a book or two and also blogging about my experiences.

Kyoto Temples and Philosopher’s Walk

Usually when we hear about Kyoto, we think of a city mostly undisturbed, placid and preserved in the richest and most authentic setting of traditional Japan - and rightfully so! Many travelers usually go straight to Kinkakuji. We cannot blame them, however, on the other side of the town are a handful of other amazing temples. Nanzen-ji and Zenrin-ji are worth a mention. Take the Philosopher's Walk and get off the beaten track!

Vegetarian/Vegan Delights at T's Tantan

Recently I have been making rather drastic life changes. I quit my job, I started pouring milk before cereal in a bowl and a host of other things that can be characterized as an early midlife crisis. I found myself getting up in the mornings thinking about another important life change. One VERY important thing: I need to start getting serious about tofu!

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