Writer: Percival Constantine

In 2008, Percival Constantine traded the skyscrapers and cold winters of Chicago for the volcanos and hot springs of Kagoshima. A love of Japanese movies brought him to the Land of the Rising Sun as a JET Program participant, and the culture and the people have kept him from leaving.

Percival has written for numerous websites, including GaijinPot, JapanTravel, WhatCulture, and PolicyMic. He’s also a prolific genre fiction author of thrillers, adventure, and science fiction. When not writing, Percival teaches Japanese literature at the Minami Academy.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, in addition to his own website.



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Hookah in Fukuoka

The concept of the hookah lounge has been ubiquitous in the Middle Eastern world, it has only spread recently to other areas of the globe. Wisps of smoke rise up through the air, enveloping the room in a cloudy fog. The dim, colored lights illuminate the smoke, giving it shades of blue or red. Welcome to a hookah bar!

In Sakurajima's Shadow

A thunderous boom is heard off in the distance. Maybe you even feel a tremor beneath your feet. You look out the window and see a massive cloud of ash rocketing up into the sky from the mouth of a volcano. You’d think this would be frightening. But for the people of Kagoshima prefecture who reside close to Mt. Sakurajima, this is a daily occurrence.

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