Writer: Patrick Mackey

Patrick is a translator and writer based out of Fukuoka (with plans to relocate to Osaka in 2018). Born in Oregon, USA, he studied at the University of Oregon with a term abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, and after graduating in 2006 he moved to Japan. Patrick worked for a travel agency in Hyogo and a translation agency in Osaka before becoming a freelancer. He has written for a number of publications, and also published two travel guides, Osaka Insider: A Travel Guide for Osaka Prefecture (2012) and Finding Fukuoka: A Travel and Dining Guide for the Fukuoka City Area (2013). Patrick became a Japanese citizen in December 2016.

E-mail: makipatoriku@gmail.com

Hakata Ramen: Local Roots, Global Appeal

Actually quite minimal in character, using very basic ingredients and toppings to avoid interference with the main ingredients' flavors. Most locals will refuse to eat at a shop that uses factory-produced noodles, as handmade is considered the standard (and you can truly taste the difference).

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