Writer: Mat

Mat is a British expat who loves living in Japan. He has been interested in comparing British and Japanese culture for many years. Mat will write about many unique aspects of Japan during his experience here, from sword making and martial arts to visiting hidden sake breweries and mesmerizing festivals. He wants to share the traditional and modern, and the rustic and fashionable with readers from throughout the world.

Red Megs: Painting Horror, Beauty & Wonder

Japan has a diverse art scene that spans far beyond stereotypes. There is a market for everything. Those opportunities exist in busy metropolitan cities but also in smaller cities and less-well-known prefectures. I recently interviewed an American artist who is originally from Minnesota. She lives in Gifu City and has been commissioned, sold, and continues exhibiting far and wide.

Pilgrimage to the Tottori Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes in Tottori are breathtaking. Unfortunately, they are not located in the most accessible area. It is twenty minutes by train from Tottori City or three to five hours from Kyoto or Okayama depending on the road and the time of the year. It is, however, a gem which took the designated driver seven hours to drive to from Gifu city.

The Swords of Seki

Seki is a small city with a lot to offer visitors; however, its Sword Museum is a real gem for people interested in the history, skill and art of sword-making. It is a city which can be easily reached from Nagoya or Gifu City.

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