Free Place At Leading British College Up For Grabs

Most teachers who have taught in Europe recognize that Japan’s system of rote learning is out-of-date and unfortunately ineffective. This can be observed in the country’s TOEIC ranking at 35 out of 45 countries, and currently lagging behind South Korea, India and China. In an interconnected world language acquisition is vital. But so is making international friends and experiencing new cultures.

Anton Vegel

Anton Vegel is an English academic and Instructor in Japan. He believes that in Japan “students are punished for taking risks in class and errors are discouraged. It is well known that inter-language is a natural point of language acquisition and that mistakes lead to noticing and meta-cognitive and meta-linguistic awareness of ones own language development. This leads to more motivation

Many students in Japan learn using old-fashioned methods. Anton Vegel says that “the translation method is held as the default classroom methodology as it lends easily to control and enables large class sizes that undermine any possibility of utilizing a post-methods approach or pedagogy of particularity”. Conversely, students at Concord experience a more modern form of education.

Thankfully, Concord College in England has launched an essay competition that offers that opportunity. The winning student will win a free place on its August summer course. He or she should be between 9 and17 years old. The essay must be between 200 – 300 words and titled Why I want to study in England. All candidates should email their essay to Mr. Davies by May1st.

Students studying at Concord College

Concord College is located near Shrewsbury and is a leading international College in Britain and is accredited by the British Council. Leavers from Concord College during the main term have attended the UK’s top 10 universities. The College is equipped with all the technology, sports facilities necessary to make the experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bird’s-eye view of Concord College

The Director of the Courses, Mr. Leighton points out that Concord College has held summer courses for many years and in that time has built up considerable expertise and tradition. Students from around 40 different countries attend. The course aims to improve skills in English, help students make friends with young people from many different cultures, and see the British way of life, he added.

Accommodation at Concord College

Mr. Leighton is quite right. I have seen students make friends with people from dozens of cultures. That kind of opportunity, plus the leading class standard of education at Concord is invaluable. Throughout my time as a Senior Teacher at Concord College, I have been lucky enough to teach students from dozens of countries.

Furthermore, I believe that the summer experience cannot be compared with any other summer school. If you, your students, or anyone you know would like a once in a lifetime opportunity, then start writing. The winner will have the chance to make friends with students from every continent, learn English from highly qualified teachers.

Good luck to all the applicants. To apply, to book a presentation about Concord, or for more information, then please contact Mat Davies via email.

The essay must be between 200 to 300 words and titled Why I want to study in England. All candidates should email their essay to Mr. Davies by May 10th. The winner will be notified on June 1st.

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