Writer: Kamegai Kerrie

Hi! My name is Kerrie. I am Australian living in the foothills of the Northern Japan Alps. I am an English teacher and have many hobbies. I love exploring and experiencing Japan and have been doing this for 14 years.I especially like to find quiet, hidden places in nature, windy back-roads, and learn about traditions, festivals and local events. My other hobby with a passion is snowboarding - in winter that's all I do in my free time ... followed by a trip to an onsen (hot spring)!, When it's not snowing I like gardening and home reform. I love nature and one of my great loves is watching the seasons come and go. I am also vegan and really enjoy cooking and experimenting with food! I live happily with four sons - three cat-type, one dog!

Nice to meet you and welcome to beautiful, diverse Japan, a wonderful land of contrasts!

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