Writer: Jesse Whitehead

Jesse has been living in Okinawa for the past 3 years. He loves exploring the island and enjoying the nature. When he isn’t taking pictures he’s probably in the ocean surfing or snorkeling!

Surfing in Okinawa!

While Okinawa is by no means a surf mecca, it can definitely provide some good waves for the opportunistic surfer. This is a "how to" guide for the more adventurous travelers wanting to get in the water on their trip to Okinawa.

Obon: Dancing With Our Ancestors In Okinawa

Summer in Okinawa is extremely hot! Most locals avoid the mid-day sun and hide from the humidity indoors. However, the island comes alive at night as the sounds of beating drums and the twangs of Sanshin (Okinawan banjo) fill the air. Youth groups spend the evenings practicing Eisa, a traditional dance that they will perform during Obon, the most important festival in Okinawa.

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