Writer: Gianluca Rocchi

Gianluca Rocchi is an It security consultant, blogger and freelance writer living in Tokyo. Originally from Rome (Italy) was founder with his japanese wife Kanako “youkosoitalia” a blog about Japan with curiosity, travel advice, as well as about Japanese culture and modern life. The blog was extended on a facebook group for Japanese and Italian couples married tied to exchange advices curiosity and legal tips for daylife.


A Visit to Chofu Airport

Chofu Airport (調布飛行場, Chōfu Hikōjō) is an minor airport located inside Tokyo Metropolitan Area at northwest of Chōfu. Just a bit positioned at west from Tokyo centre, its 800 square meters of asphalt surface are surrounded by 5 beautiful travellers spots: Musashino Park, Nogawa Park, Mitaka area, Osawa ground and Tokyo Stadium (best known as Ajinomoto stadium).

Nogawa Park

Nogawa Park (野川公園) is a public park located in Koganei and Mitaka in Tokyo. The name of the park refers to the Nogawa River which runs through the middle of the park. It has its source near Kokubunji and flows to Tamagawa and passes through two large parks; Nogawa Koen and Musashino Koen.

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