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Nogawa Park

Nogawa Park (野川公園) is a public park located in Koganei and Mitaka in Tokyo. The name of the park refers to the Nogawa River which runs through the middle of the park. It has its source near Kokubunji and flows to Tamagawa and passes through two large parks; Nogawa Koen and Musashino Koen.

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This huge area is divided into three districts and it was planned under the government project called Musashino Forest Initiative which included most important green areas as Jindai Botanical Garden, Fuchunomori Park,Tama Cemetery, Chofu Airport, Musashino Park and Sengenyama Park.


With his variety of green, plants and animals this park is one of the most interesting park which should be visited in Tokyo. And this Sakura season when most of the tourists will head to the popular Shinjuku Gyoen and the Yoyogo Koen; you can find some quiet time away from the limelight.

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The Park

The land for the park was purchased from International Christian University (located at border north of park) in 1974.



It had previously been used as a golf course by the school further was purchased by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  Separated by a highway a pedestrian bridge connects two parts of the park; the North and South area.

North area

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Has in its own the river (width is about 10m), nature observation garden, bird sanctuary, firefly zone. A cycling and walking path follows the course of the river allowing a gorgeous journey on its banks.


-Nature observation garden

Nature observation Garden is a place open to the public where it could possible to observe wild grasses including high rare plant, birds, and insects according to the season. It is the park core located at north side where is also the habitat of firefly (Hotaru); so many people visit this park at the end of summer.

For flowers lovers a must is to see Higanbana (Lycoris radiate) is a beautiful flower which blossom in the early fall. The flower is deep crimson red, and some time it blossoms white flowers.

-Nature observation centre

To learn about the park and discover his nature the facility of “Nature observation centre” will provide all information about it. Lectures brochure and guide walk by park rangers will help you to enjoy the park.

South Area

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In this zone there are spacious grassy areas, athletics fields, croquet field tennis courts, further a gate-ball field. The main area is barbeque square where family and friends spend most there time relaxing.

Barbecue Square it is located in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot. Use time is 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 but even is free must be reserved in advance. During summer it is a must for a barbecue party under green shades.

Nogawa park is one of the best places in Tokyo area to enjoy abundant green, natural landscape, and relaxing atmosphere. Is one of only a few rivers in the Tokyo metropolitan area where children can safely play in the water

Tied to maintain and take care for mixed woods of trees and make environments where creatures are easy to live in, many volunteers are cooperating with government to reach the goal.

Park summary

mappa nogawa park

Foundation: Opened June 1, 1980
Area: 401,486.27 sq. m
Tall trees: 11,500 and  Shrubs: 7,800 sq. m
Main plants: Japanese red pine, camphor, konara oak, Japanese zelkova, cherry (yama- zakura), trident maple, Himalayan cedar, kousa dogwood, tulip tree, gentiana zollingeri, gerbera
Facilities: Tennis courts, wooden playground equipment, barbeque field, youth campground ,cycling path, running path.
Nature Observation Center: Open Tuesday to Sunday; Closed: Mondays (following day if Monday is a holiday);
Nature Observation Center Phone: 0422-31-9033
Barbecue Park Rental: Call 03-5658-4201 03-5658-4600  (reservation dedicated desk)

Spots around his border: 
Chofu, Chofu airport WW2 airfield monument;
Firefly Sanctuary, Osawa Ryokuchi wasabi field firefly sanctuary;
Mitaka, Reversible Destiny Lofts Helen Keller

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