Writer: Angelica Sutton

When she isn't writing Angelica is an English teacher with a strong passion for photography, dance, world fusion music, and exploring Japan from a more rustic, off-the-beaten path perspective.

With the strong belief that there is something special around every corner in Japan, Angelica hopes to be able to use her articles to show Taiken readers the raw, everyday magic of Japan.

Tengachaya-Beyond The Gates

For a long time, like many people the Tengachaya area of Osaka was for me just a transit point between the Nankai Line and downtown Osaka or 'that station at the end of the Sakaisuji Line (or start, depending on which direction I was traveling in)'. That was until one evening, I needed to buy some moisturizer on my way home and opted to take a detour into Tengachaya in search of a drug store. What I saw beyond the ticket gates and the escalators of the station area that night was enough to inspire me to explore the area in more detail.

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