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How Japan Deals With Its Trash

All of you certainly know that for a long time, trash has been a worldwide problem. Many things have made it worse such as natural disasters, people throwing trash recklessly, China's ban on foreign plastic in 2017, etc. So, in light of this recent trash crisis, the young people of this generation must have self-awareness to not litter and obey the rules especially about trash to mitigate it. Japan is working on ways to control and mitigate it's waste through strict measures and trash control policies.

Tokyo's Rules to Mitigate Trash

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In 1991, Japanese government made a recycle rule, that requires all factories in Japan to make a symbol on the can. This symbol is for making sure that it is made from aluminum or steel. After that, following new rules in 1997 requiring sorting and separating of glass containers, by 2000 plastic products were included and recycling became more and more common. As time went by, Tokyo established a new regulation that all of households must sort rubbish into 3 to 5 parts, they include paper, organic materials, plastics, metals, and glass.

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But, actually this does not include big items such as sofas, tables, electronic items (televisions, air conditioners, fridges, computers, etc), and when you violate them, especially in Tokyo, you will get a fine as punishment.

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The best way to dispose of larger items is to call the government to pay a fee–usually between 1000-5000 yen–and then they will take your item and use the “3R” system to make that item serve again. What does the “3R” system mean? The “3R” system is the abbreviation of reuse, recycle, and reduce. This process can be done almost anywhere in Japan at your nearest city hall.

Yokohama's Style of How to Dispose of Trash

The link I have provided here is Yokohama's guide to throwing trash away into 10 parts. It's easy to use and understand so I decided to share it with you. If we share, perhaps other countries will pursue disposing of waste this way.

No one knows if these measures are working or making our planet cleaner, but considering Japan's cleanliness, they are probably working for them. If we continue creating ways that can clean up the environment, we can resolve any trash crisis coming.

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