YOKUMOKU Releases a New Product Targeting Tourists

YOKUMOKU Co., Ltd, a company that manufactures the popular "Cigare" confectioneries, has released a new product at Haneda Airport on January 20th, 2015. This cookie is sold at the boarding gate of an International Airline targeting foreigners visiting Japan. This is to tap the tourist market, expected to increase towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

■ Product Description
Name:Cigare (Japanese style cans)
Pre-tax price:1,200¥
Stores: TIAT DUTYFREE CENTRAL (Limited Area on 3rd floor, Haneda Airport International Airlines Terminal, Ota ward, Tokyo)
Oversea Stores: Hong Kong & Taiwan

■ Package Design
The Four Seasons of Japan are designed on a fan. The base colors are red and black mimicking the traditional Japanese lacquerware. With “landscape” as one of the major appeals of Japan, this product enables the customers to carry a lasting memory of the scenery and culture of Japan even after returning to their respective countries.


Spring: Cherry blossoms in full bloom
Summer: Lanterns lighting up festivals
Autumn: Changing color of autumn leaves
Winter: A woman with an umbrella amidst snowy landscape

Bottom & Sides: Fans of sun-flag and pattern of autumn leaves

■About “Cigare”
A long-term seller of YOKUMOKU, which is baked with an ample amount of butter and rolled up to a cigar shape. YOKUMOKU is quoted to state, "We increased the amount of butter till the limit where it wouldn’t be a confectionary if we add any more and realized even deeper body taste." You can enjoy the rich flavor and light taste as well as a delicate melting in the mouth feeling.

YOKUMOKU Website: http://www.yokumoku.co.jp/en/products/

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