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Winter Spectacles on Mt. Gozaisho

A hidden treasure in the midst of winter, it is a spectacular haven that is a must-visit during the winter season. Although it’s open all throughout the year and the activities vary during each season, this is an entertaining resort that sparkles and shimmers with the marvels of winter.

This destination is situated on the summit of Suzuka Mountain Range, in Mie Prefecture. The access to the ski resort is through a ropeway that takes you high up giving you the eye candy of snow peaked mountain ranges and variations of spectacular views all the way up. All essentials necessary for skiing and sledding are provided at the resort for a nominal rental fee, lesser hassle to carry it and helps you be free so you can go clicking away with your camera capturing these glistening views and storing wonderful memories.

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Divided into sections for sledding and skiing, it is a safe place for kids to have fun and parents to be worry free. Sledding slopes for children do not collide with the skiing areas which makes it a safe place for children to have fun unattended. During January and February, sledding for adults is not allowed as the entire resort becomes reserved for skiing purposes only.

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Only a beginner skier? No worries. Lessons are provided for people who are interested in skiing and it’s no smooth sail but a fun filled day is guaranteed. Advanced slopes and beginner slopes are provided so that you can learn at your own pace.

Hiking is a another way to absorb Gozaisho's beauty, renting a snow shoe at Gozaisho Resort is a wise idea or you could be waddling knee deep in snow.

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Hunger pangs are fully satisfied with the multitude of various food and beverages that are both served at the summit and also before you go up. Udon noodles, rice, and many other variations will tantalize your taste buds. Quenching your thirst, with beverages, coffee and non-alcoholic beer would keep you excited and warm throughout. The experiences give you a sense of fulfillment as it is a package that has both relaxing as well as an activity-filled day out. Besides the skiing and sledding, there is a ski rope that would take you higher to the highest peak. Sitting on it and reaching the top would give you a dreamy, captivating feeling, looking down you could see the whole misty mountain drop. It is really worth the effort.

All this is quite affordable. Prices vary for kids and adults, group packages and individuals. Rental fee for the ski and sledding equipment are also in the range that is quite reasonable. Although this can be family entertainment, it is quite good for a romantic outing too. Prompting you to the wonders of winter backdrops in fairytales, it takes you into a mood of coziness and a sense of elation being in a totally different world. You just have to see it to believe it.

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