What is "Ramen"? - The Japanese culinary culture which is spreading to all corners of the world.

One of the most popular foods in Japan is called ramen, a type of noodles served in soup with various toppings including slices of barbecued pork and boiled eggs.

The history of ramen in Japan originated from Chinese restaurants in China Towns that emerged in port towns when Japan had opened its doors to the world in Meiji period, and at around Taisho period, it started to spread across Japan.

Typical menus with many variations that were brought into world during the past few decades include:

-        Sapporo ramen (miso broth)

-        Hakodate ramen (salt broth)

-        Tokyo ramen (soy sauce broth)

-        Yokohama Ie-kei raen (Tonkotsu pork bone with soy sauce broth)

-        Wakayama ramen (Tonkotsu pork bone with soy sauce broth)

-        Hakata ramen (Tonkotsu broth)

-        Nagasaki Chanpon (chicken bone and tonkotsu broth)

In addition to the above, there are unique ramen menus filled with originalities by each ramen shop including “Tsuke-men (noodles with dipping sauce) with fish broth” “Abura-men (noodles with oil)”, “Jiro-kei”, gained immense popularity, and are established their positions as popular all-time favorites.


People had to go all the way to the particular regions that are famous for their “local ramen”, before  the emergence of “Tokyo Ramen Show http://www.ramenshow.com/” and “Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museumhttp://www.raumen.co.jp/” now, they can enjoy ramen menus from all over Japan at the event and the museum in Kanto region. We recommend adding eating tour to enjoy ramen from all over Japan at these areas to your sightseeing itinerary in Tokyo.



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