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Vampire Cafe

Maybe all of you have known already about some unique cafes at Japan, such as Neko café, Gundam café, AKB48 café. Actually, there are the others unique café that Japan has. It is Vampire café. Feeling curious about it? Let’s know more about this cool vampire café at Japan.


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This vampire café is located in Ginza, Japan, and has been running since 2001. Actually, I have gone there before once, and I loved the gothic decorations of its interior design. The whole place was decked in black and red. The place was dark, but there are some candles that make the atmosphere well. Not only that, but there was also a chandelier with an old bat theme design at the table. What such a good atmosphere, isn’t it?


Maybe all you wonder about the waiters, how they will look like? Well, all of the waiter and waitresses were dressed to match the atmosphere too. They will get fake blood on their outfits, or face, and etc. What such a good café, isn’t it? I hope you do not get scared of them.



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The menu is also awesome! They serve western style dish, such as skull shaped nachos, mozzarella and tomato salad, carbonara with a bat decoration on the top, ice cream sundae, which its chocolate sauce is made look like real blood color, and etc. The problem is, do you can enjoy the meal with those kinds of decorations? For the taste, it was delicious!


Photo: Hideya HAMANO on Flickr


As I said before, I have gone there once with my friend. At first, they will separate the smoking and non-smoking guests there. So, what do you think when you hear the word “Vampire Café”? Maybe all of you will think that it is should be super flashy café, right? I have thought the same when I heard about it. Unfortunately, the place is not that big and not flashy enough. The café is located on the 6th floor of the building, and the building is not very large. I can say that it is just a small little café, compares to the other normal café.



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I love the serving from this café. When food comes to your table, the vampire like servers will serve the cool and gothic food to you. That is the most attractive thing from this café, maybe. In short, the best thing from this café is the atmosphere. You can get such a gothic, elegant, and cool atmosphere there, and have fun with your friends.


Well, maybe some of you also worry about the Japanese. If you can’t speak Japanese, don’t worry because you can get English menus there. All of the servers also can speak English too, so just don’t worry that you can’t order because of it.



Photo: Hideya HAMANO on Flickr

So, feeling curious about it. Visit this awesome vampire café, which is located at Ginza, Japan. Here is the address!

6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061

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