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Top 5 Winter Snacks in Japan

Japan is famous for its seasonal food and snacks and winter is no exemption with some tasty treats hitting the supermarket and convenience store shelves during the colder months.

Just walk into any supermarket and convenience store in Japan and you’ll be blown away by the sheer variety of snacks on offer that appear and disappear as the weather changes.

Popular brands in Japan release new limited edition flavours almost on a monthly basis in order to gain valuable shelf space in the completive snack market. In an ever changing environment, snacks come and go just as quickly as they arrive. Some snacks are so popular that they become instant classics, returning to the shelves every year or season, becoming much adored and loved by the Japanese.

The following snacks are my personal winter favourites, and are a perfect way to end the day after enjoying one of Japan’s many fun and exciting winter activities.

5. Porute Funwari Milk

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Porute Funwari Milk by Meiji is a chocolate that is a taste sensation. It is basically whipped cream served on a crispy cookie base, coated in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Sounds great, right? This limited edition winter version has a crunchy texture from its cookie base, and a smooth, fluffy creamy milk center made from quality milk from the Hokkaido region of Japan. Porte is a taste sensation that must be experienced this winter in Japan.

4. Galbo Ball Chocolate

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Galbo Ball also by Meiji is a popular Japanese snack that is like eating a crumbly chocolate ball. The rich chocolate flavoured ball shaped snack is mixed with finely ground biscuit pieces to create that saku saku (crunchy) texture. The limited edition winter version has a crunchy chocolate biscuit inside with a hard thick chocolate outside rolled in a dusting of cocoa powder. The slogan of the snack, “luxury for the mouth” says it all with a fantastic crunchy texture that is a pleasure to eat. Galbo Ball, a bite-size piece of chocolate indulgence.

3. Koala no March Caramel Au Lait

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Koala no March is a bite size Japanese cookie snack made by Lotte with a sweet chocolate filling inside. As an Aussie in Japan, I’m a big fan of Koala no March as not only do they taste great, they support the Australian conservation group Australian Koala Foundation. The koala shaped cookies have cute pictures of the koala mascot printed on each one. This winter special edition is caramel latte flavour with the crunchy cookie containing a creamy caramel latte chocolate filling. A great way to eat these in winter is to heat them up in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The cookies will warm up and the chocolate filling inside will melt, helping you to beat the winter chill with a warm snack. Koala no March, a fun, cute, great tasting winter snack in Japan!

2. Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke

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Pocky is a popular Japanese chocolate covered biscuit stick produced by Ezaki Glico. The original chocolate Pocky made its debut in 1966, going on to become a classic Japanese snack known around the world. Recent times have seen many different variations and varieties of Pocky hitting the shelves with over a hundred different flavours being released. One of my all-time favourites is the seasonal winter limited edition Pocky “Fuyu no Kuchidoke”. The name literally means “winter melt-in-your-mouth” with this edition of Pocky having a thicker chocolate coating and flavour to the regular Pocky. It is also dusted in a coating of cocoa for increased flavour and taste. The chocolate is bittersweet and the light dusting of cocoa really compliments the chocolate. Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke, a must try winter time snack!

1. Melty Kiss Premium Chocolate

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The perfect winter snack and number one on my list is Melty Kiss by Meiji. The slogan for this snack says it all, “Gently melts in your mouth like a snowflake”. The small cube size snack contains a smooth semi-solid center that is covered in a rich dark chocolate and dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder. It tastes amazing and truly melts in your mouth with the rich and creamy chocolate. Melty Kiss comes in a beautifully presented winter themed box that just screams quality. I highly recommend this premium snack for all the chocolate-lovers out there!

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