The Unique Themed Cafés of Japan

Do you like to drink coffee at some nice café? It's such a perfect way to relax after your daily work. I love to go to cafés to relax while drinking delicious coffee and talking with peers. In Japan there are so many cafés that changed my image of these places. With this article, I want to introduce some unique themed cafés in Japan, that I are cool and interesting. I highly suggest you to go experience these places!

Neko Café

Photo : RyanLoh on Flickr

“Neko” means cat in Japanese. So, “Neko Café” literally means “Cat Café”. What kind of café it is then? I have gone to this café before, and at first I thought that the place seems to be a normal café with sofas, coffee and magazines. When I looked around the sofas and the shelves, I found all those cute cats sleeping on the top of vending machines, in a basket, etc. What an interesting café!

Photo : Wikipedia Commons

I have gone to one of the most famous neko café in Japan, which is located in Ikebukuro. For the first hour, they will charge you about 1100 yen and afterward, they will charge you 300 yen per 15 minutes. I could say that it was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had in Japan. For cat lovers, I recommend you to visit there if you have the chance to go to Japan.

For more details about the location and information about that café, please check this link:

Gundam Café

Photo : choo chin nian on Flickr

Gundam is a really well known robot anime not only in Japan but also really famous all over the world. Because of its popularity, no wonder that Japan has made the world’s first official Gundam Café, which is located in Akihabara. Actually, this café isn’t just a place for all those fans to discuss about the latest Gundam news, but it is also such a nice place to take a break too. You can also try the Gundam-themed snacks, such as ningyo-yaki, a Gundam shaped sweet filled with peanut butter.

Photo : yukikei on Flickr

For more information about the Gundam Café, please visit this link:

Those are three unique themed cafés that you can find in Japan, and that will change your image of cafés. I really recommend you to try these places for a uniquely Japanese experience !

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