"The Rokugatsudo Festivals" in Kagoshima, Where Fantastic Paper Lanterns are Offered to Gods

Kagoshima prefecture is famous for Sakura-jima Island, an active volcano floating in the Nishikie bay. It is also the southern end of the main islands.
Kagoshima City is located in 40 minutes from Kagoshima Airport. The city has a good view of Sakura-jima Island.

Rokugatsudo Festivals are held at shrines and temples in the city almost every night in July.
These fantastic festivals are also called "Roggaddo" in the local dialect. All people are looking forward to them.

A series of Rokugatsudo Festivals starts off at Yasaka Shrine in July 1 every year.
Then shrines and temples are dressed up with hand-made lanterns offered by local citizens. Night food stalls and fireworks also contribute to colorize the festival.


The locals make lanterns with tiny wooden structures and small paper walls. They also write letters and draw illustrations. Finally they put a candle in the center, and it's done.
Many lanterns offer a fantastic atmosphere to shrines and temples.
Some of them are cute hand-made lanterns created by children.

You will enjoy watching massive fireworks and happy people dressed in Yukata (Japanese traditional clothes) lit by warm-colored lanterns. This is what Japanese summer festival is.

Terukuni Shrine is one of the largest temples that host Rokugatsudo Festivals. There are various size of lanterns here and there.
Night foods and 300 fireworks are must-have.
It is a good idea to stay around there for some nights as Terukuni Shrine holds the festival in July 15 and 16. You will also enjoy the festivals at other small shrine to experience some different atmosphere.

The Rokugatsudo Festivals in Kagoshima
Address: 19-35 Terukuni-cho, Kagoshima city
Tel: 099-222-1820

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