The Road Trip Across the Shiretoko Peninsula: With the scenic view of from Shiretoko peak and enjoy the delicious seafood in Rausu.

Shiretoko Odan Road which connects Shari-cho Utoro and Rausu-cho, and it is a popular driving route. Shiretoko Peak at 738m (2421ft.) above sea level is situated along the route.

You can have a refreshing driving trip on the road in-between old growth forest, where people are often greeted by wild deer.


After about a 40-minute drive from Utoro, you arrive at Shiretoko Peak.


You will also have a chance to stop by at “Kuma-no Yu (Bear hot spring)”, which you can use it for free of charge. Many locals and those staying at the camping ground right in front of the Kuma-noYu come here to bathe. We even heard that local people who are taking care of Kuma-no Yu come here to take a bath every day.


This onsen hot spring is divided for men’s’ and women’s’, but gentlemen, beware! Men’s area is situated in an open space as it is not enclosed by a wall, and also, you need to be careful that the temperature of the bath is rather hot! You can of course you can make it cooler by adding cold water, however you will be warned by locals if you do it too much. Make sure to thank the locals by telling them “arigato gozaiashita” on your way out!

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And in Rausu, you can enjoy your long-waited dishes featuring seafood!
Donburi (rice bowl) filled with seafood including crab meat, octopus, salmon, scallops, and octopus roes.


“Gyoran-don”, which features ikura (salmon roes), tarako (cod roes), crab roes, and octopus roes.


If you are in the mood of having seafood, this is the area to be, as Rausu particularly has many fishing ports as compared to other areas of the Shiretoko Peninsula.

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