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Unique Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

Japan has its own unique ice cream flavors. Here are some the best. How many have you tried?

Wasabi Ice Cream

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Wasabi is usually eaten with sushi or raw fish, which its tingling taste makes a good combination with raw fish. Surprisingly, this tangy flavor of the wasabi also used as one of the ice cream’s flavor in Japan.

Chicken wing flavor ice cream

This ice cream’s flavor is from Nagoya area, which is famous for its poultry. This flavor tastes like a fried chicken wing.

Crab flavor ice cream

Hokkaido is the most well known place for its seafood such as crab, scallop, squid, oyster, and the others. So, no wonder that Hokkaido has made this ice cream’s flavor.

Unagi flavor ice cream

It is known as “Unagi Aisu” in Japanese. “Unagi” means eel, and “Aisu” means ice cream. This ice cream tastes really smooth, but for the taste I can say it is not such a good choice.

Oyster flavor ice cream

This flavor comes from Namja Town in Ikebukuro district. Namja town has dozens of peculiar ice cream’s flavors such as beef tongue, shark fin, miso ramen, and oyster. The actual oyster chunks are mixed into the cream.

Curry flavor ice cream

It is an Indian curry ice cream. Can you ever imagine the curry rice that you love to eat turns into ice cream?

Octopus flavor ice cream

It is also known as “Tako Aisu”, which “Tako” means octopus in Japanese. Octopus in Japan is used for many things, ranging from delicacy (takoyaki) to porno movie prop, and now it is used for making ice cream!

Horse meat flavor ice cream

It is a raw horse’s meat ice cream. Raw horse’s meat turns into a really delicious sushi in Japan, and maybe because of that reason, they also think that this kind of ice cream’s flavor should be delicious too.

Black sesame ice cream


It is also known as “Goma Aisu” in Japanese. “Goma” means black sesame, and “Aisu” means Ice cream. I think that this flavor is quite to be the normal one, and I can say that it is delicious.

Miso ramen ice cream

Japan best food is ramen, and the most well known type is Miso Ramen. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt. I can say that it is really delicious to make Miso soup or Miso Ramen, but I cannot imagine how it will be taste if they make it into ice cream’s flavor.

Squid ink ice cream

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Squid ink is usually used for making spaghetti, and it is really delicious. Japan has made this ingredient into one of the unique ice cream’s flavor.

Sweet potato ice cream


This is really delicious. At first, sweet potato in Japan is so delicious that no wonder it will be such  one of delicious ice cream’s flavor in Japan.

Charcoal ice cream

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It is such a unique flavor of ice cream that I have ever known.

Normal ice cream

Don’t worry if you still want to eat the normal and delicious ice cream in Japan. Because Japan has so many delicious fresh fruits ice cream’s flavor, such as lemon, apple, mango, melon, strawberry, and the others. Those are also my favorite ice cream’s flavor in Japan. Mango is the best one!
Not only that, but we also know that Japan is really well known with its green tea. So, I also recommend you to try matcha ice cream (green tea ice cream) when you visit Japan.

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Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is the most famous ice cream brand in the world. In Japan, you can find so many unique flavors of those ice creams. For the example, matcha flavor, sakura flavor, and the others. Sakura flavor is the most unique one, and it is only limited for spring season.


Not to forget the most famous matcha flavor, that you will only find it in Japan. Green tea is really delicious when it turns into desserts such as ice cream.

Blue Seal ice cream

This is a specialty ice brand that was born in America and raised in Okinawa, Japan. You cannot find this ice cream’s brand at another prefectures in Japan, except Okinawa. As I lived in Okinawa now, I really love this ice cream’s brand. They serve so many flavors that really delicious. My favorite flavor is strawberry cheesecake, which is served with a cone. The price of one cone is about 270 yen. There are so many flavors too, such as cookies and cream, mint, matcha, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the others.

“Beni imo” is the most famous thing in Okinawa, Japan. Maybe all the desserts in Okinawa have “Beni imo” flavor. “Beni” means red, and “imo” means sweet potato. So, it literally means sweet red potato. No wonder that they also have red sweet potato ice cream, which is also delicious.
I can recommend you to eat this ice cream when you visit Okinawa, Japan. Blue Seal is the only and the best ice cream in Okinawa.

So, those are the interesting ice cream’s flavors that you can find in Japan. You can buy it with only around 250-400 yen. If you are an ice cream lover, I challenge you to try those unique ice cream’s flavors when you visit Japan. I also recommend you to eat the normal flavors too, because all the flavors are awesome and really delicious. If you visit Japan this summer, you can enjoy all these ice cream’s flavors. I recommend you to visit Okinawa for summer trip holiday! Summer, beach, ice cream is such an awesome combination for your holiday! Enjoy your summer holiday!

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