Spacious Shopping in Saitama at Mitsui Outlet Park

Mitsui Outlet Park in Iruma, Saitama prefecture, is a surprisingly posh outlet mall with an open feel. This mall reminds me of the kind of lush beautiful shopping malls that I see in Hawaii. Thus imagine my surprise to find this in Iruma! It is well decorated with natural elements reminiscent of a forest. It is also huge! The website (which is not only in Japanese, but English as well) says it takes up 86,000 square meters—I believe it! There are 210 stores here!

There is no shortage of exciting stores here. Walk by the ever-cool display at Diesel on the first floor and venture inside to see their equally cool merchandise. Check out the COACH Factory store, with their resplendent purses and handbags, or the Armani outlet store for your designer and high-end needs.

If you need workout wear (running sneakers, tank tops, etc.), the second floor has Adidas, Reebok, Nike, New Balance, and Puma outlet stores—all taking up quite a large space. There were some impressive sales when I went, and I was able to get a pair of very comfortable running shoes for 3000 yen!

To buy your favorite brand-name clothing at discount prices, there are options such as Eddie Bauer, Columbia Sportswear Outlet, Lacoste Outlet, and Michael Kors Outlet.

The mall has plenty of food options, from the food court on the second floor, to the buffet (also found on the second floor). If you’re craving something sweet, the first floor has an area in the center of the mall that has a tea shop (that used to be Harrod’s Tea), as well as an elegant Lindor chocolate shop right by it. Kaldi (also in the same area) sells imported wines, jams, baking products, teas, spices, coffees—you name it. If you need even more chocolate, you can head outside and find the Godiva stand and enjoy one of their decadent shakes. If you have a coffee craving, there’s Honolulu coffee on the first floor and Tully’s on the second.

If you’re a skincare junkie, then go to the first floor, where you’ll find an outlet Matsumoto Kiyoshi, plus several stores next to it (such as Cellule and Dr. Ci Labo) which have some incredible deals. Because it’s an outlet, you can expect discounts from 30% to even 70% off the retail prices!

Be sure to take advantage of the Mitsui Outlet card that’s available. Also, there is plenty of parking and validation for parking is also available. There are also plenty of sitting areas—so if you need to take a break from all the walking and shopping, you’ll find tables, artful benches, chairs—and there’s free wifi!

Perhaps it’s because the mall is in Saitama prefecture that they can afford it to be so large. Again, I was surprised by how aesthetically pleasing, and by how spacious it is! It is well worth visiting! Right next door to the mall is Costco, so after an afternoon of shopping for athletic wear, shoes, handbags, etc., one can head over to Costco to shop for bulk grocery needs. Keep in mind that both close by 20:00, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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